Starknet TVL Surpasses $10 Million Mark!

Starknet’s Total Locked Value Soars in a Short Period!

Starknet: An Open-Source Solution for Ethereum Startups to Enhance Scalability

Starknet Experiences Impressive Growth with Rising Interest from DeFi Developers

Starknet’s popularity in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space is on the rise, as shown by the current data from DeFiLlama. The total locked value (TVL) on Starknet has reached $10.5 million, a significant increase over the past few months. In just two months, Starknet has grown tenfold, according to the graph.

Graph source: .bitcoinsistemi

The TVL metric helps determine the total value of cryptocurrency assets invested in a specific platform, smart contract, or protocol. When making investment decisions, medium-term investors often consider changes in the TVL value of projects. It provides them with valuable information for assessing the market value and growth of different projects.

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JediSwap, a DeFi platform built on Starknet, holds the largest share of the platform’s TVL value, accounting for 57%. According to Eli Ben, an executive at StarkWare, the parent company, the growing interest in Starknet can be attributed to the adoption of Rust, a new programming language they utilize.

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