Starknet’s STRK Token Unlock Event Draws Attention


Next week will witness the unlocking of $454.94 million worth of tokens, with particular attention on Starknet’s native token, STRK. Investors are eagerly anticipating this event, especially considering that STRK is currently trading at $1.49.

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Investors in the cryptocurrency market keep a close eye on token unlock events. The Token Unlocks platform reveals that next week, there will be token unlocks worth $454.94 million. Of particular interest is the unlock of STRK, the native token of Starknet, a popular Ethereum Layer-2 network. This event is scheduled for tomorrow and is significant for investors to watch.

Key Token Unlock Event Approaching for Starknet’s STRK Token

Next week, the cryptocurrency market is poised to witness significant token unlocks totaling $454.94 million, according to data from the Token Unlocks platform. Among these unlocks, one of the largest events involves Starknet’s native token STRK, valued at $95.36 million.

Scheduled for tomorrow, April 15, at 03:00 AM, the STRK token unlock event will release tokens equivalent to 8.79% of STRK’s total supply. As investors await the event, the STRK token is currently trading at $1.49. This event is anticipated to be one of the most valuable token unlock events of the week.

Additionally, during this event, the distribution of unclaimed tokens from the STRK airdrop event is also planned.

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Analyzing STRK’s Price Trends: Key Levels to Watch

The four-hour chart for STRK reveals a descending channel formation, offering valuable insights for investors. Breaks in the support line serve as bear traps, indicating potential downward movements. Despite recent support touches, STRK maintains trading above the EMA 9 (blue line), suggesting potential short-term momentum gains.

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On the four-hour chart, investors should monitor several crucial support levels for STRK: $1.468, $1.385, and $1.279. A four-hour bar close below the $1.279 level may signal a bearish pattern, leading to a loss of momentum in STRK’s price.

Conversely, key resistance levels to observe for STRK on the four-hour chart include: $1.539, $1.752, and $1.918. A four-hour bar close above the $1.752 level, positioned above the Ichimoku level (purple line), could trigger a price increase for STRK.

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