Stellar and Certora Enhance Soroban Smart Contract Security

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The Stellar Development Foundation and Certora are working together to make Soroban’s smart contracts more secure. Certora’s advanced tools will regularly check and improve the smart contracts, ensuring they remain strong and safe.

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In a recent announcement, the Stellar Development Foundation and Certora have partnered to boost security on the Stellar smart contract platform called Soroban. This collaboration will use advanced methods to make smart contracts more secure, addressing key challenges in their development and use. Stellar’s tweet highlighted the importance of this step in strengthening blockchain security for the digital age.

In the highly competitive world of smart contracts, security is absolutely crucial. These self-executing contracts manage significant financial assets and are open for anyone to inspect, making it vital to prevent vulnerabilities. Smart contracts, once deployed, are hard to change due to the strict rules of blockchains. Certora, well-known for its advanced verification tool, helps developers thoroughly check their code to minimize these vulnerabilities, providing greater peace of mind.

Certora’s Unique Method

Mooly Sagiv, the CEO of Certora, stressed the importance of being proactive during the development process. He learned from DeFi (Decentralized Finance) that delays in using tools and audits often lead to identifying problems only after they’ve been exploited. He said, “Certora’s tools can help developers create specifications before finishing the code to ensure safe and reliable applications. We’re excited to be a part of the Soroban ecosystem.”

Certora’s software, which is the result of two decades of academic research, uses a special method called Formal Verification. This method is like a thorough grammar check that carefully examines the code to make sure it does what it’s supposed to do, catching any potential mistakes. This rigorous checking helps prevent major errors, like the well-known Vyper compiler bug. Additionally, Certora has a strong track record of fixing more than 100 significant security issues in popular DeFi protocols, making their tools a valuable defense for developers.

Empowering Soroban’s Smart Contracts with Certora’s Assistance

Soroban, which uses a special format called WASM designed for blockchains, provides a versatile environment for developers. It supports many programming languages and tools, making it easy to create applications on the Stellar network. When you add Certora’s security checks into the mix, Soroban becomes an excellent choice for developers, enhancing trust in the platform.

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This partnership also gives over 100 existing projects on Soroban access to Certora’s advanced verification tools. Together with Soroban’s built-in testing and security features, this creates a strong and secure DeFi (Decentralized Finance) ecosystem right from the start.

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