SYS Labs’ Rollux, an EVM-L2 scaling platform, scheduled for end-of-June launch

SYS Labs

SYS Labs has revealed the official release date for Rollux, their innovative EVM-L2 scaling platform. This groundbreaking platform, announced on June 1, aims to transform the blockchain industry by introducing unprecedented levels of transaction speed, security, and cost efficiency.

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Its launch is expected to set new standards and bring exciting advancements to the world of blockchain technology. Rollux, the highly anticipated EVM-L2 scaling platform developed by SYS Labs, is set to launch on June 28, 2023.

In a press release shared with Finbold, SYS Labs assures that Rollux will deliver essential features such as speed, security, affordability, and scalability. These attributes are considered vital for achieving widespread adoption of blockchain technology across various industries.

Following a successful closed dry-run of Rollux’s mainnet and valuable feedback from the community on its testnet version, the platform is gearing up for its official launch. Rollux aims to offer the finest Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) experience in the blockchain industry.

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As an Optimistic rollup fork, it is specifically designed to enable fast, cost-effective, and secure transactions, boasting a two-second finality that is secured by Bitcoin. The platform is committed to delivering an unparalleled EVM experience for its users.

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Jagdeep Sidhu, CEO of SYS Labs, expressed their vision of connecting the current capabilities of blockchain with the requirements of users, developers, and enterprises. According to Sidhu, Rollux serves as the bridge to fulfill this vision.

SYS Labs’ ventures

SYS Labs has developed a range of ventures that aim to maximize the potential of Rollux. These include SuperDapp, an AI-infused social platform; Pegasys, a decentralized finance (DeFi) exchange; Luxy, an NFT platform; Pali Wallet, a user-friendly web wallet; DAOSYS, a new standard for DAO models; and Camada, a non-custodial asset management tool for institutions and retail. All these ventures contribute to enhancing the capabilities and impact of Rollux in the blockchain industry.

Once Rollux is launched, several partners hosted on the Syscoin Platform will introduce their own products, contributing to the development of a complete ecosystem. SYS Labs also welcomes EVM-based applications to explore and utilize the platform’s advantages, encouraging them to engage with users.

The SYS Labs team is thrilled to achieve this significant milestone and invites the community to stay connected by following the company’s online channels for updates and participation in the preparations.

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