Terra Luna Classic Core Developer Updates Q3 Proposal, Anticipates LUNC Price Surge

Terra Classic

Terra Luna Classic Core Developer, in collaboration with the L1 Task Force (L1TF), presents an updated Q3 proposal aiming to rejuvenate LUNC and USTC. Can LUNC price soar to $1?

The Terra Luna Classic core developer, together with the Joint L1 Task Force (L1TF), puts forth a revised proposal for ongoing network advancements and maintenance during Q3. One of the primary objectives of the L1TF developer group is to accelerate the reduction of LUNC and USTC supply by leveraging the market module, aiming to enhance their efficiency.

L1TF suggests upgrading Cosmos SDK, integrating Block Entropy AI app chain by Edward Kim, enabling Token Factory, and supporting external teams like ‘quant’ for USTC repeg.

Terra Classic L1TF Unveils Updated Q3 Proposal

LuncBurnArmy, the project manager of Joint L1 Task Force, presents a revised Q3 proposal for the Terra Luna Classic developer team.

The proposal includes achieving parity with Terra 2.0 and other Cosmos blockchains, upgrading Cosmos SDK and Tendermint, implementing a 5% minimum validator commission, and outlining activities and budget for Q3, including upgrading Cosmos SDK, testing the market module, and setting a maximum cap for LUNC supply.

Terra Classic plans to migrate from Columbus-5 to Columbus-6 in August and September to enhance efficiency and reduce blockchain size. The L1 team will assess CometBFT implementation and oversee the Bug Bounty program.

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In September and October, the swap mechanism and capital controls will be re-enabled, along with the proposed implementation of the Alliance module for interoperability and the Token Factory for custom IBC denoms.

Joint L1 Task Force collaborates with Edward Kim to integrate Block Entropy AI app chain into Terra Classic, and teams up with ‘quant’ for USTC repeg.

Proposed Budget For Q3

Q3 budget request: $133k (1.48 billion LUNC). Surplus returns to community pool. Full-time dev Superman ($12.5k/mo) rejoins team.

Part-time devs Xi, Till, and Vinh ($6.25k/mo each). Project manager LuncBurnArmy ($5k/mo), $3k/mo discretionary budget, and $3k/mo OPEX budget.

LUNC price sees a 3% increase in the last 24 hours, currently trading at $0.000092, with a 24-hour low and high at $0.000088 and $0.000093 respectively. On the other hand, USTC price experiences a 4% rise in the past 24 hours, trading at $0.012.

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