The FBI seizes 9 cryptocurrency exchanges due to allegations of money laundering

The FBI has taken control of nine crypto exchanges that were reportedly involved in money laundering associated with ransomware payments

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The FBI has seized control of nine cryptocurrency exchanges, including,,,,,,,, and, which were allegedly involved in money laundering associated with ransomware payments.

These crypto exchanges were providing anonymous exchange services to visitors, including cybercriminals, scammers, and other wrongdoers. The FBI seized their domain names and shut down their servers for alleged involvement in money laundering related to ransomware payments.

The FBI investigation uncovered that these exchanges were involved in cybercrime activities and money laundering connected to ransomware payments. The exchanges provided anonymous cryptocurrency exchange services, with minimal or no KYC information, which made it easy for cybercriminals and scammers to use their services. The US authorities seized the domain names of these exchanges and shut down their servers. The exchanges were found to have violated United States Code Sections 1960 and 1956 due to a lack of anti-money laundering programs.

The exchanges that were shut down allegedly advertised their services on online forums that discussed criminal activities. They were accused of supporting their clients’ illicit deals and becoming co-conspirators in illegal schemes. The exchanges’ website provided support in both Russian and English, making it easier for cyber-criminals around the world to use their services.

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The FBI’s recent action against these exchanges demonstrates their commitment to fighting cybercrime and money laundering in the crypto world. As cryptocurrencies are increasingly used in illegal activities, such as ransomware payments, authorities are taking steps to prevent these exchanges from operating, making it more difficult for cyber-criminals to launder their illicit gains.

The FBI’s action to seize nine cryptocurrency exchanges is a warning to others that they will not tolerate illegal operations. It sends a clear message that unlicensed money service businesses involved in money laundering will face legal consequences. Now, when someone visits the affected sites, they will see a banner that shows federal authorities have taken over the domain name.

The FBI’s investigation is still ongoing, and it is possible that more exchanges involved in cybercrime activities will be targeted. The agency has encouraged the public to report any suspicious cryptocurrency activities to assist in the fight against cybercrime.