TOKEN2049 Dubai: Leading Crypto Thought-Leaders

TOKEN2049 Dubai, scheduled for April 18 to April 19, will unite top figures in the Web3 sphere to share insights at the event.

Recognized as a premier crypto conference, TOKEN2049 will convene in Dubai, featuring renowned thought leaders from the crypto community. Below are some notable speakers slated to participate at TOKEN2049 Dubai.

Speakers at TOKEN2049 Dubai

1. Gavin Wood – A blockchain pioneer who co-founded Ethereum and authored the Ethereum Yellow Paper. He founded Parity Technologies and conceptualized Polkadot, aiming for seamless blockchain interoperability. Wood will discuss “Polkadot’s Future: The Big Jam” on Thursday, April 18.

2. Roger Ver – Known as “Bitcoin Jesus,” Ver is a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency industry and the founder of He will speak about “Crypto and the Pursuit of Freedom” on Friday, April 19.

3. Paolo Ardoino – CEO of Tether, Ardoino will address topics such as the global stablecoin market and the future of payments. He will also make a keynote announcement at the event.

4. Illia Polosukhin – Co-founder of Near Protocol and former Google research scientist specializing in AI, Polosukhin will explore the intersection of AI and Web3.

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5. Emin Gün Sirer – CEO of Ava Labs, Sirer is a renowned computer scientist known for his contributions to blockchain technology. He will discuss new approaches and innovations in building blockchains.

6. Sandy Peng – Co-founder of Scroll, Peng focuses on layer two scaling solutions for Web3. She will speak about “Building a Unified Ethereum through Scaling.”

7. Pavel Durov – Founder of Telegram Messenger, Durov will make an announcement during the event.

8. Bryan Johnson – An entrepreneur and investor, Johnson founded Kernel and OS Fund, supporting advancements in neuroscience and technology. He will participate in a panel discussion titled “Don’t Die Network State: Bryan Johnson & Balaji Srinivasan.”

For updates on the latest speakers and event schedule, visit the official website.

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