Top 10 Web3 Projects Securing Funding Up to $10M in 2024

Investors are eagerly supporting Web3 projects, attracted by their innovative applications of blockchain technology. In 2024 alone, more than 658 fundraising rounds related to cryptocurrency and blockchain have collectively raised $5.54 billion, as reported by CoinCarp.

While some ventures have received larger investments from venture capitalists, those securing around $10 million are particularly notable for their unique approaches to advancing blockchain technology. These projects deserve attention for their potential to drive innovation in the field.

Top Web3 Projects with Funding Rounds

1. Galaxis: $10M

Galaxis raised $10 million in a funding round involving Rarestone Capital, Chainlink, Taisu Ventures, and Nick Johnson. Additionally, they collected $200,000 through their IEO on Bybit. Galaxis, incubated by CoinMarketCap, enables brands and individuals to engage with communities through NFTs. With the rollout of their GALAXIS token, they aim to add real-world utility to their platform, collaborating beyond traditional Web3 boundaries. Notable collaborations include celebrities like DJ Steve Aoki, Val Kilmer, and LaMelo Ball, selling over 225,000 NFTs and generating 32,000 ETH (about $100 million) in secondary NFT sales. Galaxis stands out by creating NFT collections with their own economy, connecting creators and fans directly. Their focus lies on spreading awareness and enhancing participation advantages.

2. Owlto Finance: $8M

Owlto Finance, an intent-centric interoperability protocol, secured $8 million in a funding round led by Bixin Ventures and CE Innovation Capital. Their AI Agent protocol suggests optimal bridging paths across multiple chains, simplifying cross-chain transactions. With 1.6 million users across 200+ countries/regions, Owlto is esteemed for its speed and affordability. The funds will advance the AI Intent Interoperability Protocol, enhance Bridge-as-a-Service (OBaaS), and support the Omnichain Liquidity Solution V2. Owlto’s ambitious plans include international expansion, enriching the ambassador network, and strengthening key markets.

3. Paragraph: $5M

Paragraph, an on-chain publishing platform, raised $5 million from Coinbase Ventures, Union Square Ventures, and others. They focus on expanding on-chain publishing capabilities, recently partnering with Mirror to enhance content creation tools through decentralized domains, crowdfunding campaigns, and NFT integration. Paragraph aims to redefine publishing by allowing creators to establish direct relationships with their audience through on-chain technology, offering subscription services and messaging integration. Supported by Coinbase and Base Ecosystem Fund, Paragraph emphasizes seamless Web3 publishing experiences.

4. Agora: $5M

Agora, a cross-chain governance platform, secured $5 million in a seed round led by Haun Ventures, with contributions from Coinbase Ventures, ConsenSys Mesh, and angel investors. The funding will enhance governance solutions for seamless cross-chain voting and management. Agora is trusted by established blockchain projects like Optimism, Nouns, ENS, and Uniswap for their governance needs.

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5. Sortium: $4M

Sortium, an entertainment tech company blending AI and Web3, raised over $4 million in funding. Led by Signum Growth, the investment aims to revolutionize game development and digital experiences by incorporating artificial intelligence tools into gaming. Their AI-enabled platform empowers developers while letting users create personalized characters, showcasing the potential of generative AI, blockchain, and dynamic economic systems in gaming and entertainment.

6. GoMining: $3M

GoMining secured $3 million from Bitscale Capital to scale its NFT-based Bitcoin mining operations. The Liquid Bitcoin Hashrate (LBH) protocol spreads the power of actual Bitcoin mining between NFTs representing hash rate ownership. With nine data centers worldwide and a market value of around $135 million, GoMining boasts a combined hashrate of 3.5 million TH/s.

7. DwellFi: $3M

DwellFi secured $3 million in seed funding led by E1 Ventures, aiming to revolutionize asset management with AI, blockchain, and tokenization services. Their SOC-2 certified SaaS platform administers over $200 billion in assets, enhancing operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.

8. Moongate: $2.7M

Moongate raised $2.7 million in a seed round, building a modular Web3 engagement layer for real-world activations. Their decentralized ticketing platform has attracted over 100,000 active users and major clients.

9. BonusBlock: $2.3M

BonusBlock, an on-chain marketplace and white-label solution provider, raised $2.3 million. They offer reliable onboarding of verified users and have engaged over 4 million users across various protocols.

10. Ambient Network: $2M

Ambient Network raised $2 million in a seed round led by Borderless Capital. They aim to streamline environmental data collection using the DePIN model on Solana, addressing global environmental problems with real-time information.

In Summary

In 2024, Web3 projects such as GoMining, Galaxis, Owlto Finance, and others have received substantial investments, utilizing groundbreaking blockchain and AI technologies. GoMining, notable for its NFT-based Bitcoin mining method, stands out for democratizing cryptocurrency mining access. Picture a future where blockchain projects can self-govern or effortlessly monitor environmental shifts—all propelled by advancements from trailblazing pioneers reshaping Web3, revolutionizing it bit by bit.

Important: Please note that this article is only meant to provide information and should not be taken as legal, tax, investment, financial, or any other type of advice.


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