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Famous cryptocurrency analyst Miles Deutscher recently shared his list of 5 altcoins to watch closely this week with his followers.

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Deutscher emphasized that Bitcoin’s recovery following its recent dip appears robust. He noted that BTC’s overall structure seems strong, highlighting the significance of monitoring the previous high of $73.8 thousand.

Analyst’s Optimism Amidst Solana Network Congestion

Despite recent network congestion issues negatively impacting sentiment towards Solana, analyst Deutscher remains optimistic. Deutscher believes these issues will not affect Solana in the medium to long term, asserting that Solana, often dubbed “the world’s largest casino,” is well-positioned to maintain its dominance.

Deutscher highlighted ORDI’s strong performance, considering it a leader in the BRC-20/BTC trend ecosystem. With the halving approaching, Deutscher noted the unusual calm surrounding this event, which occurs once every four years.

Rumors suggest an imminent EigenLayer airdrop, prompting market trends towards it. Deutscher emphasized the significance of ALT due to its close association with EigenLayer and its role in the restructuring trend. Orion, set to launch on EigenLayer, caught Deutscher’s attention as a rare opportunity for pre-launch exposure to EigenLayer.

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As Doge Day (April 20) approaches, Deutscher highlighted Dogecoin’s historical performance on such occasions, often spurred by speculation about Elon Musk’s potential tweets regarding Bitcoin.

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