Top Weekly Crypto Gainers: TWT – RNDR – BSV Analysis

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Here is a list of cryptocurrencies that did well even when the overall market was uncertain. Are they still a good investment?

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During the past week, Bitcoin mostly traded sideways, facing resistance around the $28,500 level. This resistance has had a slight negative impact on the overall cryptocurrency market. However, certain altcoins, as mentioned below, have performed well despite the market’s uncertainty. If the broader cryptocurrency sentiment turns bullish, these altcoins might be poised for a significant upward movement.

TWT Price Analysis: Positive Pattern Suggests Significant Upward Movement

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The Trust Wallet Token (TWT) coin price recently formed a double-bottom pattern, a bullish signal after a period of decline. In just two weeks, the price has risen from $0.75 to $1.008, marking a significant 34% increase. Additionally, it broke above a key resistance level at $0.99 on October 2nd.

If the price continues to stay above this level, it may have the potential to reach $1.35, indicating a potential 36.5% increase.

RNDR Price Analysis: Bullish Setup for 50% Rally Ahead

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In the weekly chart, RNDR’s price has formed a cup and handle pattern, signaling a potential market trend shift. The price has recently risen from $1.2 to $1.8, gaining 44% over seven weeks. If the pattern continues as expected, the coin may aim for the neckline resistance at $2.7, indicating a potential 50% rally ahead.

BSV Price Analysis: Bullish Recovery Supported by Trendline

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Bitcoin SV (BSV) has experienced a recent uptrend, thanks to an ascending support trend. Over the last four months, this trend has provided consistent support for buyers, enabling them to regain their bullish momentum.

On the daily chart, each previous test of the support trendline has resulted in a significant bounce-back, indicating strong buyer confidence. Currently, BSV is trading at $34.99 and appears to be approaching the support trendline once again.

If the bullish momentum continues at this support level, the coin may gradually rise above $50 and potentially reach the significant resistance level at $56.

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