Trump Adds Meme Coin TROG to Crypto Portfolio

Donald Trump

Trump’s crypto portfolio saw a notable increase following the launch of meme coin TROG, contributing to a rise in his crypto wealth to around $25.97 million. The substantial concentration of ownership has sparked concerns about the potential impact on TROG’s market value when liquidated.

Former US President Donald Trump’s crypto portfolio received a substantial boost from the launch of a new meme coin, now totaling around $26 million. This increase was noted by Arkham, a crypto intelligence platform, which reported that Trump’s holdings in the meme coin TROG doubled to over $20 million after an airdrop. TROG, inspired by meme culture and Trump’s political branding, swiftly gained popularity in the crypto market.

Trump Frog (TROG): Meme Coin with Investment Appeal

Known as “Trump Frog,” TROG merges meme-based humor with cryptocurrency investment potential. Its creators aimed to capitalize on the frog-themed meme coin trend, akin to PEPE, by incorporating Trump’s image and ideology into its brand. The coin’s official website humorously describes it as blending “the funniness of memes with the revolutionary spirit of cryptocurrency.”

Currently, TROG’s value continues to climb, boosting Trump’s holdings in this meme coin to over $14 million and raising his total crypto wealth to approximately $25.97 million. Alongside TROG, Trump’s major assets include TRUMP, Ethereum (ETH), and Wrapped Ethereum (WETH), derived from NFT collection sales.

Origins and Ownership of TROG Meme Coin

The origins of TROG can be traced back to internet meme culture, specifically a meme depicting a photoshopped image of Trump with a green frog over his mouth and chin. This meme garnered widespread attention across social media platforms and news outlets, serving as the inspiration for the creation of the TROG meme coin.

As of now, Trump holds 50% of TROG’s total supply, which accounts for 210.34 billion tokens. This concentration of ownership highlights a significant portion held by a small group of holders.

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Challenges of Trump’s High TROG Holdings

Despite the high nominal value of Trump’s holdings in TROG, questions arise about the feasibility of liquidating such a substantial amount based on its current market value. Arkham pointed out that due to Trump’s significant ownership stake, selling these assets could pose challenges in realizing their full market worth.

The deliberate airdrop strategy, which allocated half of TROG’s total supply into Trump’s wallet, reflects a strategic move by developers to capitalize on Trump’s public persona and influence within the crypto community. However, the broader implications of such concentrated ownership in a volatile cryptocurrency market remain uncertain.

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