Turbos Finance Launches Smart Routing for Stablecoins on Sui Network

turbos finance

Turbos Finance, an initiative within the Sui ecosystem, has introduced a pioneering smart routing system tailored for the Sui-Move language

This groundbreaking advancement marks a significant milestone as the first-ever implementation of such a system for a Sui decentralized exchange (DEX) in production. With its focus on capital-efficient swaps, this innovation holds great promise for enhancing transaction efficiency on the emerging Sui network.

To leverage the stablecoin USDC on the Sui network, users are now required to wrap their USDC on the source network. When wrapped tokens pass through the Wormhole, they retain the distinctive characteristics of their original chain.

Through the Wormhole, users can bridge their USDC from the BNB chain and Solana chain to Sui, obtaining USDCbnb and USDCsol on the Sui network, respectively. Notably, prior to this development, Wormhole served as the exclusive means to bridge USDC from the Ethereum network to Sui.

At present, the prominent stablecoin on Sui is USDC, which is bridged from the Ethereum network through Wormhole. This particular version of USDC has become the preferred base currency for DEXs operating on Sui.

Consequently, most DEXs do not facilitate the exchange of USDCbnb, USDCsol, or other variations of USDC bridged from non-Ethereum networks for any native asset on Sui. This has resulted in liquidity fragmentation and a suboptimal user experience for visitors to the platform.

In a proactive move, Turbos Finance and Wormhole, key contributors to the Sui ecosystem, have taken the initiative to address this issue. Turbos, the second-largest DEX within the Sui ecosystem as per DeFi Llama, is integrating stablecoin pairs (such as USDCbnb/USDCsol) on Sui, aiming to alleviate liquidity fragmentation and enhance the overall user experience.

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Turbos Finance introduces its cutting-edge smart routing technology on Sui, establishing numerous liquidity pools for different variants of USDC. With this groundbreaking advancement, the full potential of all USDC variations on Sui is unleashed, regardless of their origin from various networks. Users can now seamlessly trade any bridged USDC asset variation, wrapped by Wormhole, against native Sui assets in a single transaction, eliminating any hurdles or complications. This development significantly enhances the trading experience and liquidity utilization on Sui.

Ted, co-founder and CEO of Turbos Finance, expressed his satisfaction with the innovation, stating, “Unlike on EVM networks, implementing smart routing within a DEX constructed on the Sui-Move language is no easy task. I am delighted to observe that our innovation minimizes friction for users transitioning from other ecosystems to Sui.”

Since its launch on the Sui mainnet on May 4, Turbos Finance has emerged as one of the most prominent DeFi protocols in the ecosystem. Notably, Turbos recently concluded a significant Initial DEX Offering (IDO), further bolstered by listings on notable centralized exchanges including Gate.IO, KuCoin, Bybit, and DAO Maker.

With the recent implementation of smart routing for stablecoins, Turbos firmly establishes itself as the leading DEX for capital-efficient swaps, solidifying its position within the market.

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