Understanding the Telegram Game W-Coin and How to Play It


W-Coin is a game on Telegram where players can earn in-game currency simply by tapping a button. It’s a “tap-to-earn” game that allows users to accumulate virtual currency through this straightforward action.


What sets W-Coin apart is its community-driven approach, where players and members decide the blockchain platform for launching upcoming tokens. They can choose between Ethereum, Solana, and the TON blockchain, influencing the game’s development and token ecosystem.

W-Coin: A Simple Telegram-Based Tap-to-Earn Game

W-Coin operates on a straightforward interface similar to other popular Telegram minigames. Players engage by tapping on the image of W-Coin displayed on the main screen to earn in-game tokens. These tokens can then be reinvested to enhance their mining power within the game. Additionally, players can earn extra rewards by inviting friends and completing various challenges.

The game officially launched its mining phase on May 2 and quickly gained traction, boasting 50,000 users within its first five days, as reported on X. W-Coin also announced a partnership with another tap-to-earn game, Yescoin, although specifics of this collaboration were not disclosed.

By June 11, W-Coin reported reaching a milestone of 10 million users, according to updates on X. However, like many Telegram games, concerns have been raised about the accuracy of user numbers, with questions arising about the possible influence of bots inflating these figures.

Getting Started with W-Coin: A Guide to Playing the Telegram Game

To begin playing W-Coin, players should navigate to the W-Coin Telegram bot. Upon arrival, they have the option to explore game instructions, engage with the community, or simply click on the “Play” button to initiate gameplay.

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Clicking “Play” opens up the main interface of the game. Here, players will see the image of W-Coin, which they can tap to start earning in-game tokens. Each tap increases a counter that tracks their progress.

Located on the top right corner of the screen is a settings indicator. Here, players can select their preferred blockchain from three options: Ethereum, Solana, or TON. It’s important to note that this choice is permanent once selected and cannot be changed later.

Earning Rewards and Boosting Gameplay in W-Coin

W-Coin offers several ways for players to earn rewards and enhance their gameplay experience. One of the primary methods is through referral bonuses. Players receive 2,500 tokens for each friend they successfully invite to the game, along with a continuous bonus equivalent to 1% of their friends’ rewards. Reaching milestones like inviting 10 friends unlocks additional bonuses and advances players to higher levels, where rewards per friend and bonus percentages increase incrementally up to level 11.

In addition to referrals, players can earn extra rewards by completing various tasks. These tasks include activities like retweeting posts, joining the Telegram community, and playing other tap-to-earn games.

Another method to boost rewards is through staking. Players can lock up a portion of their tokens for a period ranging from 3 to 14 days, earning between 2% and 20% of their staked allocation depending on the duration chosen.

Furthermore, players can reinvest their tokens to enhance their gathering capabilities. For instance, purchasing Tap Level 1 with 2,500 tokens doubles the tokens earned per tap of the W-Coin. Players can also unlock additional features such as a “worker” that mines coins while they are offline and utilize free daily boosters like the “lucky dice,” which provides temporary tap multipliers.

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