Upbit Releases OAS Listing Announcement

Upbit, South Korea’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, introduced OAS, a token linked to its Oasys platform. This token will be available in both USDT and BTC markets to enhance trading options for users.

Oasys is a platform for smart contracts tailored for Web3 games. After the announcement, the value of OAS surged by 63% in just 24 hours, signaling heightened investor enthusiasm and optimism about the token’s future prospects.

Upbit Launches OAS Token on Oasys Platform

Upbit, South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has introduced OAS, a token associated with its Oasys platform, which focuses on smart contracts for Web3 gaming. Notably, OAS is currently exclusive to Upbit and not available on major exchanges like Binance or Coinbase, adding to its uniqueness and appeal.

Oasys aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by utilizing blockchain technology to create more immersive and secure Web3 gaming experiences. Its integration with Upbit is expected to boost visibility and accessibility, potentially attracting a broader community of developers and gamers.

The addition of OAS to Upbit’s lineup marks a significant milestone for the platform as it continues to diversify its range of supported cryptocurrencies. This strategic move underscores Upbit’s commitment to offering diverse investment opportunities for its users.

For more details about the Oasys platform and the OAS token, interested parties can visit Upbit’s official website or access the trading markets directly on the exchange.

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About OAS

OAS is a token linked to Upbit’s Oasys platform, which is built for Web3 games using smart contracts. Within this platform, the OAS token is used for things like transactions, rewards, and managing activities within the Web3 gaming ecosystem supported by Oasys.

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