US Legislators Propose National AI Commission Act


A group of US lawmakers has introduced a bill aimed at establishing a commission to address the challenges and opportunities presented by artificial intelligence (AI).

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A bipartisan group of US lawmakers has introduced a bill on June 20 to create a commission dedicated to studying the country’s approach to artificial intelligence (AI). The main focus of the bill is to establish regulations for the AI industry.

This initiative comes shortly after consumer protection groups in the European Union (EU) called for investigations into the AI models used in popular chatbots. The introduction of this bill reflects the increasing importance of addressing the ethical and regulatory aspects of AI technology to ensure its responsible and beneficial use.

Representatives Ted Lieu, Ken Buck, and Anna Eshoo have introduced the bipartisan National AI Commission Act. The proposed bill aims to establish a national commission responsible for developing a comprehensive regulatory framework for artificial intelligence (AI). This commission would play a crucial role in shaping policies and guidelines to govern the ethical and responsible use of AI technology across various sectors. The introduction of this act underscores the growing recognition of the need for proactive governance and oversight in the rapidly advancing field of AI.

The National AI Commission Act aims to mitigate the potential risks of unregulated AI technology, highlighting the need for preventive measures against harm. Representative Ted Lieu emphasized the importance of addressing these concerns. The proposed commission will consist of experts, government officials, industry representatives, and labor stakeholders, working collaboratively to develop recommendations for effective AI regulation. Their collective efforts will ensure a comprehensive framework that safeguards against the negative impacts of AI while promoting its responsible and beneficial use.

Merve Hickok, President of the Center for AI and Digital Policy, expressed her endorsement of the National AI Commission, emphasizing its timeliness and significance. According to Hickok, the proposed legislation would establish vital regulations for AI and enable public participation in shaping the nation’s AI strategy. The Center has previously raised concerns about the United States’ lack of preparedness in addressing forthcoming AI challenges.

Hickok praised the lawmakers for their proactive approach in proposing the formation of a commission, considering it a positive step forward. She commended their initiative in recognizing the need for comprehensive AI regulations and expressed support for their efforts.

In response to calls from influential figures including Elon Musk and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, lawmakers have introduced the National AI Commission Act, highlighting the necessity of implementing regulations to manage the rapid advancement of AI technology. The proposal aims to address concerns raised by industry leaders and ensure effective regulation of the AI industry.

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