VeChain Introduces VeBetterDAO to Crypto Community

VeChain VET

VeChain spreads awareness about VeBetterDAO, focusing on upcoming features like B3TR, VOT3, GM NFTs, and X-2-Earn applications. The crypto community eagerly monitors VET and VTHO for potential significant profits.

VeChain recently made significant progress with the introduction of VeBetterDAO and the launch of two new tokens, VOT3 and B3TR. While the VeFam community is still understanding these developments, the VeChain team is actively educating everyone on their implications.

VeChain Launches Ultimate Vocabulary Guide for VeBetterDAO

VeChain emphasizes how B3TR powers VeBetterDAO, encouraging participation, incentivizing innovation, and backing sustainability projects. B3TR’s roles include enhancing the DAO treasury, monetizing actions, supporting eco-friendly dApps, and backing $VOT3.

VOT3 functions as the governance token, enabling holders to vote on proposals and stake for B3TR rewards. The seamless synergy between B3TR and VOT3 facilitates token swapping at a 1:1 ratio and allows for voting activities.

VeChain Unveils Essential Features of VeBetterDAO

VeChain highlights the importance of GM NFTs (Galaxy Member NFTs) within VeBetterDAO’s reward system. These upgradeable NFTs determine user privilege levels, with users able to enhance their GM NFTs by contributing B3TR tokens to the VeBetterDAO Treasury.

The post discusses X-2-Earn Applications, decentralized applications (dApps) designed to reward users for contributing to positive global changes. An example is ‘Plant-2-Earn,’ incentivizing tree planting, with B3TR tokens serving as incentives allocated to these X-2-Earn dApps.

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As the VeFam and prominent crypto analysts closely track the price charts of VET and VTHO, the community advises patience during resistance testing. Discussions about potential long positions and anticipated gains underscore anticipation for an unprecedented surge in these assets.

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