VR Token Skyrockets 71% After Victoria VR’s CQB Arena Announcement

Victoria VR

Victoria VR’s new virtual reality experience, CQB Arena, is now available on platforms like App Lab and SideQuest.

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Additionally, the platform plans to launch a metaverse application for Apple’s Vision Pro headset. These developments have led to a significant 71.34% increase in the value of the VR token.

Victoria VR Unveils CQB Arena: VR Token Surges Over 60%

In a remarkable development, Victoria VR, a leading metaverse platform, has introduced CQB Arena, a virtual reality-based gun battle simulation and training arena. The announcement saw Victoria VR’s VR token skyrocket by more than 60%, surpassing $0.05.

Victoria VR announced the availability of CQB Arena on February 9 via a post on X, inviting its community to start training for an upcoming competition. The platform emphasized the importance of training to gain a competitive edge.

CQB Arena is currently accessible on App Lab and SideQuest, offering participants an immersive close-quarters battle experience. Players can navigate through virtual battlefields, engage in building clearing, confront threats, and execute hostage rescue missions. The arena provides customizable battle experiences across multiple levels, putting players’ skills to the test.

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Victoria VR Eyes Apple’s VR Space with Metaverse App

In a significant move, Victoria VR has hinted at the potential launch of its metaverse application on Apple’s Vision Pro headset, marking Apple’s foray into the virtual reality realm. The anticipated Virtual VR application is slated for release in the second quarter of 2024.

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According to a whitepaper released by Victoria VR, the platform promises “ultra-realistic graphics and immersive gameplay,” equipped with technologies suitable for Apple Vision Pro. The application aims to create a detailed digital environment, showcasing the capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro headset while highlighting the power of Web3 technology.

These developments have had a substantial impact on the VR token, which is currently trading at $0.0606. The token has witnessed an impressive surge of 71.34% in a single day and 68.03% over the course of a week.

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