WazirX introduces INR trading market for Injective (INJ) in India

  • WazirX enables INR trading market for Injective (INJ) tokens in India.
  • WazirX platform allows users to easily buy, sell, and trade INJ tokens with INR.
  • WazirX recently announced the closure of its NFT marketplace.

In a major update for crypto traders, WazirX, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has launched the Indian Rupees (INR) market for trading the widely popular token, Injective (INJ).

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This new feature enables users to easily purchase, sell, and trade INJ using INR on the WazirX platform, providing a user-friendly and convenient trading experience.

WazirX’s launch of the INR market for INJ demonstrates the exchange’s dedication to broadening its range of services and ensuring users have a variety of trading choices. This decision reflects the increasing desire for INR trading pairs and marks a noteworthy progression in meeting the changing requirements of the Indian crypto community.

In a recent blog post, WazirX announced that users will be able to withdraw their INJ tokens shortly after the listing, ensuring smooth and convenient access to their funds.

  • WazirX introduces INR/INJ trading pair for seamless trading experience.

WazirX’s listing of the INR/INJ trading pair demonstrates their dedication to advancing cryptocurrency adoption in India while collaborating with the government on regulations and taxes.

In a recent update, WazirX announced the discontinuation of its Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) marketplace. However, the exchange assured users that all NFT trading activities will now be facilitated through Opensea.

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According to a report by TheNewsCrypto, WazirX exchange charges a withdrawal fee of 30.43 USDT for a minimum withdrawal amount of 60.80 USDT.

In the past 24 hours, INJ has experienced a bearish trend with a price decline of 2.41%. The token is currently trading at $7.43, with a support level of $7.38 and a resistance level of $7.96.