Why Polygon (MATIC) is a Smart Choice in 2024


In 2024, Polygon’s own cryptocurrency, MATIC, is expected to see a big jump in value due to several reasons. With the overall cryptocurrency market gearing up for a positive trend, MATIC stands out because it serves as a solution for Ethereum’s Layer 2 scaling issues.

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This, combined with recent advancements in its fundamental technology, creates a promising outlook for a potential increase in MATIC’s price.

Polygon’s Strong Fundamentals Pave the Way for MATIC’s Resurgence

Recent developments in Polygon’s ecosystem underscore its fundamental strength, setting the stage for potential growth. One significant achievement is the completion of Polygon’s vesting contract, which eliminates inflation and reduces selling pressure by preventing new tokens from entering circulation.

Moreover, the surge in Ethereum ecosystem tokens following Uniswap’s fee switch announcement has had a positive impact on MATIC. As Ethereum’s Layer 2 scaling solution, Polygon benefits from this narrative, further bolstering its position in the market.

The completion of Celsius’ $50 million sale of MATIC tokens in January has also alleviated selling pressure. Combined with Polygon’s upcoming token name change to POL in Q2 2024, this development adds a layer of positive sentiment and anticipation.

Polygon’s transition to zkEVM, or Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine, aligns with the resurgence of the Zero-Knowledge narrative in 2024, positioning MATIC as a significant player in the evolving crypto landscape. Additionally, the potential for airdrops for POL stakes presents an enticing opportunity for investors, enhancing MATIC’s overall appeal.

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Polygon’s MATIC Poised for Potential Breakout in 2024

From a technical perspective, MATIC has recently surpassed the crucial resistance level at $0.941, solidifying it as a support point. Both the altcoin’s weekly Relative Strength Index (RSI) and the Awesome Oscillator indicate a significant shift towards potential bullish momentum, laying the groundwork for a breakout.

The next critical milestone is a weekly candlestick close above $1.000. Such a close could trigger a substantial move to the upside, with the initial target at $1.170 and a subsequent push towards the range high at $1.560. This potential ascent represents a significant 50% increase from the current position.

Recent whale activity, highlighted by a notable transfer of 13,094,113 MATIC to Binance, adds an intriguing element to MATIC’s market dynamics. Large movements to exchanges often precede strategic positioning by major holders, hinting at potential shifts in market sentiment.

As MATIC hovers around the psychologically significant $1 level, the convergence of positive fundamentals, reduced selling pressure, technical indicators, and market dynamics presents a compelling case for a strong resurgence in 2024. Investors and enthusiasts should closely monitor key levels and developments as Polygon’s MATIC aims to make a comeback in the evolving crypto landscape.

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