Why Shiba Inu Dropped 42% Below $0.00004

Shiba Inu Shib

Shiba Inu (SHIB) experienced a sudden drop of 42% from its recent peak, plummeting in just a few hours due to various factors affecting the market.

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The entire cryptocurrency market is undergoing a significant correction, pushing prices below crucial support levels. Shiba Inu has been heavily affected by this downturn, with the token losing some of the gains it had made in the previous day.

Shiba Inu Faces Selling Pressure Amidst Bearish Market Sentiment

Initial Surge and Price Targets: Shiba Inu soared to a high of $0.00004567 yesterday as the market rally gained momentum. The asset surpassed several resistance levels, aiming for the coveted $0.0001 price territory.

Bearish Roadblock and Market Dynamics: However, the uptrend faced significant resistance from bears, leading to a major dip in Shiba Inu’s price. Several factors contributed to this downturn, including sustained selling pressure stemming from significant inflows to exchanges.

Impact of Whale Transactions: Investors often transfer their assets from cold wallets to exchanges when planning to sell. Such developments, especially involving large whale transactions, raise concerns of potential large-scale dumps among market participants. Yesterday, the Shiba Inu market witnessed two significant whale transactions, the first of which saw 183 billion SHIB tokens, valued at $5.55 million at the time, transferred to Binance.

Analysis of Shiba Inu Whale Transactions

Possible Reasons for Fund Flow: Despite the prevailing belief that transfers to exchanges signal potential sell-offs, the movement of funds from Wintermute to Binance could stem from various factors. These may include a shift in investment strategy, profit-taking, or a reallocation of funds based on evolving market conditions.

Significant Transfer Highlighted: In the second transaction, a substantial sum of 1.45 trillion SHIB tokens was transferred, as indicated by Whale Alert. However, further examination reveals that the recipient wallet is associated with Coinbase.

Insights from On-Chain Data: Interestingly, the sending address initially acquired the SHIB tokens through multiple transactions spanning from September 2021 to November 2022. These assets were withdrawn from a Coinbase address during this period. After holding onto the tokens for over two years, the wallet has now transferred all assets to Coinbase.

Factors Behind Shiba Inu’s Recent Price Fluctuations

Exchange Movements Trigger Investor Concerns: The movement of funds into exchanges sparked worry among investors, heightening fears of increased selling pressure on Shiba Inu. This influx of tokens into trading platforms contributed to growing unease in the market.

Bitcoin’s Role in Market Retracement: Another significant factor in the recent decline of Shiba Inu was the broader retracement in the crypto market triggered by Bitcoin. After reaching an all-time high (ATH) of $69,000 on Binance, Bitcoin experienced a sharp downturn, plunging by 14.48% to a low of $59,005, falling below the $60,000 threshold.

Impact of Bitcoin’s Movement: As the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin’s price fluctuations often have a ripple effect on the entire market. Shiba Inu felt the repercussions of Bitcoin’s decline, dropping by 42% to a low of $0.00002555. The combination of mounting selling pressure and Bitcoin’s market influence contributed to Shiba Inu’s significant slump.

Current Recovery Efforts: Despite the previous day’s losses, Shiba Inu has since recovered a significant portion of its value. Today, the asset has surged by 10.79%, although it continues to face challenges in reclaiming the $0.00004 territory. At the time of writing, SHIB is trading at $0.00003901 as it strives for further recovery.

Important: Please note that this article is only meant to provide information and should not be taken as legal, tax, investment, financial, or any other type of advice.


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