Worldcoin’s Token WLD Surges 200% in Profits: Discover the Reasons

Worldcoin sam altman

Worldcoin’s $WLD token, under the leadership of Sam Altman, has grabbed attention by skyrocketing over 200% within a week. Surging to $8, it marked a remarkable 42.60% increase in the last 24 hours and an astonishing 200% surge in weekly charts.

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Investors are captivated by this significant rise and are eagerly observing the crypto market to anticipate what unfolds next.

Worldcoin Community Reaches 1 Million Subscribers Milestone

Worldcoin’s community is celebrating a significant achievement as the World App, the project’s wallet, surpassed 1 million subscribers on February 17, 2024. This milestone coincides with the surging prices of the $WLD token, contributing to positive momentum within the Worldcoin ecosystem.

The increasing popularity of the World App signifies a series of advancements for the Worldcoin project.

Analyzing Worldcoin’s tokenomics, the total supply of 10 billion WLD coins is valued at an impressive $74.71 billion. Within this structure, the circulating supply consists of 130.76 million $WLD, representing a modest 1.31% of the total supply.

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However, the distribution plan allocates 75% for the Worldcoin Community, 9.8% for the Initial Development Team, 13.5% for TFH Investors, and 1.7% for TFH Reserve.

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Worldcoin’s Token Distribution and Investor Backing

Delving into the top 10 holders reveals that they collectively possess a significant 9.15 billion $WLD, which accounts for 91.5% of the total token supply. Notable holders include Teneo, holding 75 million $WLD valued at $579 million, and Alameda, with 25 million $WLD valued at $193 million.

Worldcoin has effectively raised $240 million across three financing rounds, garnering support from prominent investors such as Blockchain Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Bain Capital Crypto, Coinbase Ventures, Digital Currency Group, Khosla Ventures, 1confirmation, and Blockchange Ventures.

Trading Trends and Smart Strategies in Worldcoin

In the past week, significant players withdrew a total of 2.8 million $WLD ($21 million) from Binance and OKX.

Highlighting smart trading activity, “SmartMoney” with the wallet address “0x0258” demonstrated sharp buying strategies. Notably, the trader bought 267,062 $WLD ($534,000) on November 1 and sold on December 19, realizing a profit of $519,000 (+97%).

Similarly, a subsequent trade involving 282,448 $WLD ($784,000) on January 12 and a recent sale resulted in a profit of $1.08 million (+137%).

Excitement fills the crypto world as Worldcoin’s price surges and strategic investor actions unfold. People are eagerly looking forward to what the next few weeks will bring for this dynamic cryptocurrency project. Worldcoin’s journey is just starting, and the future seems bright.

Important: Please note that this article is only meant to provide information and should not be taken as legal, tax, investment, financial, or any other type of advice.


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