XRP Market Cap Eyes $50B; AVAX and ELDG Sustain Popularity

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Lately, there were forecasts suggesting Ripple could reach a market cap of $50 billion, but the certainty of this outcome has diminished, and we’ll explore why.

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Additionally, there is notable interest in cryptocurrencies like Avalanche and Everlodge. Delve into the details to understand the factors influencing these predictions.

XRP Manipulation; AVAX and ELDG Stand Strong

Ripple ETF Fakeout Hits XRP Price: A recent episode of market manipulation unfolded as fake news about a BlackRock ETF filing caused a temporary surge in Ripple’s price, only to plummet by 10% once the misinformation was confirmed. This contributed to a continued decline in Ripple’s value, diverging from earlier predictions of a potential $50 billion market cap for November, with its current market cap hovering around $32 billion.

Avalanche: All-In-One, Except Layoffs: In contrast, Avalanche (AVAX), despite a recent restructuring that saw a third of its workforce laid off, has exhibited resilience. The company’s strategic expansion into India seems to be paying off, with a 14% increase in the one-week chart and an impressive 88% surge in the one-month chart. Avalanche’s diverse approach, targeting various sectors such as gaming, traditional finance, art, and offering a high-speed Core wallet, positions it as a versatile player in the crypto landscape.

Everlodge’s Killer Business Model: Meanwhile, Everlodge (ELDG) stands out with a robust business model. Despite the ongoing crypto retracement, Everlodge has seen a remarkable uptick in its price during the presale stage, currently priced at $0.027, marking a 170% increase from its initial value. Positioned as a DeFi project, Everlodge revolutionizes real estate investment by targeting the vacation rental market. Through NFT minting and fractionalization, Everlodge democratises property ownership, allowing investors with as little as $100 to co-own luxury properties worldwide. This innovative approach addresses the challenges faced by generations like Gen Z and millennials in entering the property market, providing an inclusive investment avenue.

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