Adidas and Fewocious Collaboration Poised to Disrupt the NFT Market

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Adidas and Fewocious Partner to Create Sneakers and NFT Collaboration

Adidas, a well-known apparel brand, has teamed up with digital artist Fewocious for a unique collaboration that combines physical sneakers with NFT technology. The collaboration aims to explore the concept of “art of play” and will introduce 4,500 editions of an NFT mint pass called “Trefoil Flower.” These passes can be purchased exclusively on the OpenSea marketplace, starting from June 22.

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The Trefoil Flower NFT mint pass is a special ticket that allows holders to redeem a pair of custom-designed physical sneakers called Adidas Originals Campus 00s. To claim their sneakers, mint pass owners can choose to “burn” (permanently destroy) the NFT. The burning process is scheduled to start in August, and the sneakers will be shipped the following month. Each pair of physical sneakers will have an NFC tag, which is a technology embedded in items like phones and contactless credit cards. This NFC tag will be connected to a companion NFT, creating a digital representation of the physical sneaker.

The release of the Trefoil Flower NFT will take place in several stages, starting with a three-tier pre-sale and followed by a public mint. Those who hold certain NFTs like Adidas’ Alts Decos and Soles, along with Fewocious Paint Drops, will have early access to mint the NFT at a discounted price of 0.2 ETH (approximately $350). Later on, holders of specific NFTs like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Doodles, and Rug Radio NFTs will have a chance to mint at a slightly higher price of 0.25 ETH ($435). The public sale will then begin at the same price as the later stage minting.

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Fewocious, also known as Victor Langlois, is a 20-year-old artist who has garnered significant acclaim in the NFT world. As a transgender artist, their vibrant and whimsical paintings often evoke nostalgic memories from childhood. Fewocious has achieved remarkable success within the Web3 community, with lifetime sales exceeding $50 million. They have collaborated with prominent entities like RTFKT (owned by Nike) and esteemed auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Notably, Fewocious has even worked alongside the David Bowie estate, showcasing their widespread recognition and influence.

Adidas has shown active participation in the NFT space ever since it acquired a Bored Ape NFT and used it to develop the fictional character Indigo Herz in December 2021. The brand collaborated with Bored Ape Yacht Club, Punks Comic, and renowned NFT figure gmoney on a project called “Into the Metaverse,” which has generated over $150 million in NFT trading volume so far. This collection offered exclusive merchandise for NFT holders. Building on the success of this venture, Adidas has now launched the Alts project.

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Puma, another apparel brand, has joined the NFT trend by entering the NFT space through a collaboration with NBA player LaMelo Ball and the NFT project Gutter Cat Gang. Puma is introducing the GutterMelo MB.03 sneaker, which will be physically available for purchase in late June. However, instead of traditional methods, the sneakers will be obtainable through an NFT pass at a cost of $175.

The partnership between Adidas and Fewocious showcases the increasing connection between physical clothing and NFTs. By blending real-world items with digital assets, the brands intend to offer collectors and enthusiasts an extraordinary and engaging experience.

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