Binance CEO Denies Bitcoin Sales to Boost BNB Amidst Rumors

Binance CEO CZ

Binance CEO CZ Rejects Bitcoin Sales and Market Manipulation Claims; Vows to Defend Against SEC Lawsuit

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, has denied accusations suggesting that Binance engaged in undisclosed Bitcoin sales with the aim of manipulating the price of its native token, BNB. Concerns were raised by industry experts, such as Dylan LeClair and Cory Klippsten, who suspected market manipulation tactics employed by Binance to artificially increase the value of BNB. However, CZ addressed these allegations on Twitter, stating that Binance has not sold any Bitcoin or BNB and clarified that the exchange still retains a reserve of FTX Tokens.

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Allegations of Market Manipulation and Wash Trading Surface:

Rumors about Binance’s alleged market manipulation surfaced after technical analysis platform Skew made a post accusing the exchange of engaging in manipulative practices through trades involving Bitcoin, BNB, and Tether. Bitcoin analyst Dylan LeClair labeled BNB as a “fake market” and expressed concerns about its trading volume in comparison to Bitcoin.

Moreover, Cory Klippsten accused Binance of participating in “wash trading,” which involves artificially boosting demand for an asset by coordinating buying and selling activities. Klippsten further alleged that Binance was attempting to create a deceptive perception of support for BNB.

Analyst Joe Consorti from The Bitcoin Layer expressed concerns about the unusual price movement of BNB, particularly around the $220 mark, which appeared to have strong support. He speculated that this level could be significant for liquidating BNB-collateralized loans. Consorti challenged Binance to provide an audited statement as evidence to counter the FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) surrounding the allegations and prove the absence of BNB-collateralized liabilities.

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Binance’s Response and Ongoing Legal Challenges

CZ and Binance.US have strongly denied the accusations and expressed their determination to fiercely fight against the charges. The SEC has recently filed a lawsuit against Binance.US, accusing the company of violating securities laws and engaging in wash trading through CZ’s trading firm, Sigma Chain. Both Binance.US and CZ maintain their innocence and are ready to address the allegations in the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C.

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Binance, a major global cryptocurrency exchange, has encountered regulatory scrutiny in multiple jurisdictions over the past few years. However, the company has taken proactive steps to address these concerns by implementing stricter compliance measures and expanding its regulatory initiatives to align with global standards. Despite the ongoing legal challenges and allegations, Binance continues to cater to a large user community and maintains a significant presence as a prominent player in the cryptocurrency industry.

Binance has shown its dedication to following regulations by adopting stricter measures and expanding its endeavors to meet international standards. As a result, the company has been able to retain a substantial number of users and maintain its influential position within the cryptocurrency industry, despite facing ongoing legal challenges and allegations.


Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, commonly known as CZ, has rejected accusations of market manipulation and secret Bitcoin sales raised by market commentators and analysts. CZ firmly denied the allegations, stating that Binance has not conducted any trading involving BTC or BNB to artificially influence the price of BNB.

The accusations primarily revolved around Binance’s alleged market manipulation and the practice of wash trading. Additionally, Binance.US, which is associated with Binance, is currently confronting a lawsuit filed by the SEC that accuses them of securities law violations and engaging in wash trading activities.

Binance and CZ assert their innocence and are ready to protect themselves in court. While the legal battles persist, Binance remains committed to adhering to regulations and catering to its global user community within the cryptocurrency industry.

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