Anoma Foundation Secures $25M to Advance Intent-Centric Blockchain Architecture

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The Anoma Foundation, a nonprofit organization at the forefront of blockchain technology, is pleased to announce the successful completion of a $25 million funding round. This marks the third round of funding for the foundation, with prominent blockchain venture capital firm CMCC Global as one of the co-leaders. The aim of this funding is to accelerate the development of the third generation of blockchains, ultimately replacing the existing financial system with a more people-centric and empowering alternative.

Several prominent business players, such as Electric Capital, Delphi Digital, Dialectic, KR1, Spartan, NGC, MH Ventures, Bixin Ventures, No Limit, Plassa, Perridon Ventures, Anagram, and Factor, have pledged investments during the funding round. Furthermore, the Foundation has garnered support from over 30 angel investors, including creators of L1s (Layer 1 blockchain solutions), dApps (decentralized applications), and ZK cryptographers (experts in zero-knowledge cryptography).

The significant investment received by Anoma demonstrates the widespread recognition and support for their innovative intent-centric architecture. This groundbreaking approach offers a fresh method for constructing blockchain infrastructure layers.

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According to Adrian Brink, Co-founder of Anoma, Anoma is the first intent-centric blockchain architecture that allows for the development of fully decentralized applications, ranging from decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to decentralized rollup sequencers. In comparison to existing architectures like Ethereum/EVM, Anoma’s approach makes dApps significantly more versatile and much simpler to create.

Anoma’s intent-centric approach introduces new building blocks that enable the full decentralization of current Web2.5 applications such as rollups, decentralized exchanges, and NFT markets. Moreover, this innovative design offers a platform for creating advanced applications that are not feasible on traditional platforms.

Charlie Morris, Co-founder and Managing Partner of CMCC Global, expressed excitement about co-leading the fundraising round for Anoma. He praised the team for their innovative protocol design and their fresh approach to base layer infrastructure. Morris highlighted the uniqueness of Anoma’s designs and philosophy in contrast to the uniformity often seen in other layer-1 smart contract platforms.

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The $25 million funding will be utilized to enhance and refine Anoma’s intent-centric architecture. It will support ongoing research and development projects and facilitate the adoption of the architecture through developer tools that enable the creation of unique applications not possible on existing systems. Additionally, the funding will be utilized for establishing strategic alliances and fostering ecosystem development.

Tommy Shaughnessy, Founding Partner of Delphi Digital, expressed that Anoma’s intent-centric architecture marks a major advancement in various aspects of blockchain infrastructure, including scalability, user experience, privacy, and interoperability. He further expressed excitement about being involved in Anoma’s mission to revolutionize decentralized applications.

Ryan Zurrer, founder of Dialectic, expressed great enthusiasm about investing in Anoma. He highlighted the significance of Anoma’s intent-centric approach and its strong emphasis on privacy, which has the potential to unlock new and innovative use cases, particularly in next-generation decentralized finance (DeFi). Zurrer believes that Anoma’s approach represents a significant advancement for the blockchain space as a whole.

With the successful completion of this investment round, the Anoma Foundation is in a strong position to continue driving innovation within the blockchain industry.

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