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The Worldcoin Foundation has announced that the World Chain developer preview is now available. This preview allows developers globally to interact with World Chain, build and test applications, and get ready for the upcoming migration of over 10 million users from the OP Mainnet to World Chain later this summer.

World Chain is a blockchain designed with a focus on human-centric applications and scalability to support the broad Worldcoin project.

World Chain Developer Preview Now Available

The World Chain Developer Preview is now accessible to a select group of developers worldwide. This initiative provides an exclusive opportunity to engage with World Chain, a blockchain platform expected to serve over 10 million users across 160 countries. These users are currently using compatible wallets, including the World App developed by Tools for Humanity (TFH).

During this preview phase, developers can explore, build, and test applications on World Chain. They will also have the chance to set up their deployments in preparation for the migration of over 10 million users from the OP Mainnet to World Chain later this summer. Built on the OP Stack and integrated with the Worldcoin protocol, World Chain operates as a Layer 2 solution secured by Ethereum, designed to scale within the Superchain ecosystem.

Key Partners Support World Chain Launch

World Chain’s launch is supported by major partners committed to providing high-quality tools and infrastructure. Key collaborators include Alchemy, Safe, and Elliptic. Thibaut Sahaghian, Head of Network at Safe, shared his excitement about the project, highlighting Safe’s dedication to advancing self-custodial ownership through its sophisticated smart account infrastructure.

Ryan Wyatt, Chief Growth Officer at Optimism Unlimited, emphasized the importance of Worldcoin’s use of Optimism’s OP Stack. He noted that this collaboration is a significant milestone, allowing Worldcoin developers to create innovative applications and further strengthen the impact of the Superchain ecosystem.

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World Chain Focuses on Scalability with Advanced Features

Scalability is a primary focus in the design of World Chain. The Worldcoin Foundation has been actively supporting Optimism and the Superchain, with Worldcoin transactions now accounting for around 50% of the OP Mainnet’s activity. The new chain is set to tackle the scalability issues associated with this rapid growth.

World Chain will launch with a standard EIP 1559 fee market and a block gas target of 10,000,000, which is twice the current OP Mainnet capacity. The long-term goal is to achieve a gas capacity of 1,000 million per second, a 400-fold increase over the current target, to support the expected expansion of the Worldcoin protocol.

In partnership with Paradigm, World Chain will use Reth, a high-performance Ethereum execution client, in shadow mode during the developer preview. This initiative represents a first for Optimism and aims to ensure Reth is fully ready for production as soon as possible.

World Chain to Launch as Open-Source Blockchain for Global Community

World Chain is designed to be a permissionless, open-source blockchain governed by its users, aiming to serve as the foundational platform for all World ID integrations and unify the Worldcoin community. The migration of World App users to World Chain will enable them to send digital dollars worldwide, explore and swap crypto tokens, and access Worldcoin Grants in eligible regions.

The new chain focuses on delivering applications that enhance lives through innovations in stablecoin finance, international remittances, commerce, and proof of humanness. It is particularly expected to benefit users in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

Developers interested in being part of the World Chain developer preview can apply for access, which is a crucial step towards the full launch of this user-centric blockchain. To apply, visit: World Chain Developer Preview Application.

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