Aptos Faces 5-Hour Outage on Blockchain’s First Birthday

Aptos APT

The fast layer-1 network is working again, but the incident raised worries about how well Aptos performs.

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Aptos experienced an outage that lasted over five hours on its one-year anniversary while hosting a mass drawing event. During this time, on-chain transactions stopped. Aptos, which usually confirms blocks in less than a second, showed a delay of 5 hours and 6 minutes between consecutive blocks during the outage. Transaction fees on Aptos also spiked during the shutdown, increasing from 0.2 APT (worth about $1) to 1.72 APT (worth $8.58).

Aptos, a Move-based layer-1 platform spun off from Meta’s (formerly Facebook) Libra project, had launched a community drawing platform called Graffio.art for its birthday. This platform allowed Aptos wallet users to collaborate on creating art. Around 4,000 users were participating before the shutdown occurred.

The Aptos team worked to resolve the issue and managed to restore the blockchain in five hours. The value of APTOS, the native token for gas payments on the Aptos blockchain, dropped by 2.2% temporarily but quickly recovered to the $5 level. However, the token’s overall value has decreased by 35.8% since its launch a year ago. Decrypt has reached out to Aptos for information about the root cause and steps taken to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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