Islamic Coin Launches Community Rewards Distribution

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The Islamic Coin project, a cryptocurrency designed for the Islamic community, is starting to give out tokens as rewards to its users. This is the first phase of the distribution.

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After a successful listing on KuCoin, which caused the price to surge by more than 500% on October 10, the Islamic Coin project is now giving out its first community rewards.

Each user will receive an average of 250 ISLM tokens. You’ll get 10 ISLM tokens right away, and the rest will become available over the next month, with daily portions unlocked for six months. These tokens can be used for staking and participating in network activities.

You can check your eligibility and claim your rewards on Shell | HAQQ.

The project has resolved issues related to airdrop rewards, ensuring users receive their full token allocation. They also fixed problems with HAQQWallet accounts showing zero balances due to access issues, so the wallet is back to normal.

More rewards are coming in Waves 2 and 3 in the near future.

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After its successful launch on KuCoin, Islamic Coin had to deal with some fake addresses on platforms like Baseswap. The project’s team warns users about these scams and urges caution when approached by groups claiming affiliation with HAQQ Network or ISLM and asking for ISLM/WISLM token purchases.

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Impersonation scams are common, so make sure to stay informed through official sources and be cautious before making any transactions.

Islamic Coin (ISLM) is the original token of HAQQ, a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain on Cosmos using the EVMOS protocol. The founders believe that ISLM can become as valuable as Bitcoin (BTC) and reach a market cap of over one trillion USD, serving the assets of the Muslim community.

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