Arbitrum Resumes Normal Operations After Brief Outage

Arbitrum ARB

Arbitrum faced a temporary outage of over an hour due to increased network traffic. The platform swiftly resolved the issue, confirming the return to normal operations. This incident follows a brief pause in June 2023 caused by a bug in Arbitrum’s sequencer.

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Arbitrum, a way to make Ethereum work better, had a little problem recently. It stopped working for over an hour because too many people were using it. But don’t worry, they fixed it, and everything is back to normal now, according to what the platform told us. This isn’t the first time this happened; there was a short pause in June 2023 because of a little mistake in Arbitrum’s system.

Arbitrum’s Traffic Surge and Sequencer Halt

Arbitrum, Ethereum’s scaling solution, hit a snag on December 15 at 10:29 a.m. (ET) when the Arbitrum One Sequencer and Feed stopped working. This was caused by a sudden and significant increase in network traffic. The Arbitrum team, upon identifying the issue, immediately launched an investigation for more detailed information and assured users that a post-mortem report would follow.

As the investigation progressed, the team discovered that a continuous influx of transactions overwhelmed the sequencer, causing it to stop properly relaying transactions. Although the problem was swiftly resolved, gas prices remained high due to the transaction backlog. Nevertheless, the team assured users that the situation would “normalize” shortly.

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