Australian Crypto Firm Resubmits Spot Bitcoin ETF Application

Monochrome has revised its application for a Bitcoin ETF license with its partner Vasco Trustees. If approved, the ETF would allow Australian retail investors to invest in Bitcoin directly.


Monochrome Asset Management has revised its application with Vasco Trustees to offer a spot Bitcoin ETF on the ASX, giving investors access to Bitcoin.

Monochrome’s Bitcoin ETF would give Australian retail investors direct exposure to Bitcoin and Ether. If approved, the ETF would allow the company to introduce Bitcoin to Australian investors within Australia’s strict regulatory framework.

ASX Bitcoin ETF Proposal Seeks Regulated Exposure for Investors:

Yew, a company seeking to launch a Bitcoin ETF on the ASX, believes that such a listing would provide a familiar, structured, and protected environment for Bitcoin investors. They argue that it would signal to traditional investors that the unregulated nature of the cryptocurrency market is transitioning to a more regulated landscape.

Yew’s partnership with Vasco, a Responsible Entity Partner with an Australian Financial Services License, aims to offer ordinary investors regulated exposure to the cryptocurrency market.

Many financial institutions have recently applied for spot Bitcoin ETFs, especially in the United States. These ETFs would allow investors to buy and sell Bitcoin directly, rather than through derivatives.

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Europe’s first spot Bitcoin ETF is finally going to launch later this year. Jacobi Asset Management, a multi-asset investing platform in London, plans to launch the ETF on the Euronext Amsterdam market.

Terra and FTX Crashes Prompt Delay in ETF Listing

The asset management firm faced unexpected market conditions following the crashes of the Terra ecosystem in May 2022 and FTX in November 2022, causing a delay in the ETF listing. However, due to a consistent shift in demand, the firm decided to launch the ETF promptly instead of waiting.

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