AVAX and FET: Experts Predict Bullish Surges


A notable crypto analyst predicts substantial rallies for Avalanche (AVAX) and Fetch.ai (FET). AVAX has already broken resistance, while FET is expected to see a 40% increase, signaling promising trends for both cryptocurrencies.

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A well-known person in the blockchain world, famous for making good predictions about the market, is talking about two cryptocurrencies: Avalanche (AVAX) and Fetch.ai (FET). AVAX is all about smart contracts, and FET focuses on artificial intelligence. Both of these digital assets are looking like they’re about to have big rallies.

AVAX’s Impressive Trajectory and Future Projections

A well-known expert, popular on social media platform X, is talking about how well Avalanche (AVAX) is doing. Despite new layer-1 and layer-2 solutions entering the scene, AVAX has proven itself by showing growth potential and resilience, as reported by UK News.

The expert’s analysis points out an interesting path for Avalanche. AVAX recently went past a major resistance level at $39, a breakthrough that’s highlighted in a chart shared by the expert. This achievement stands out in a competitive field filled with new blockchain technologies.

The expert is confident that AVAX is not just doing okay but is ready to reach new highs, possibly hitting price targets of $55 and $60. As of the report, AVAX’s value was $39.63, indicating a positive trend in the near future.

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Optimistic Forecasts for Fetch.ai and Other Cryptocurrencies

The expert is feeling positive about Fetch.ai (FET), even though they don’t currently own it. They predict a big jump of more than 40% from its current trading price of $0.64, aiming for around $0.90 in the mid-term. This optimistic expectation is based on Fetch.ai’s special appeal in combining blockchain and AI, making it a tempting choice for those intrigued by cutting-edge technologies.

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Beyond discussing FET, the expert also shared thoughts on Beam (BEAMX), a gaming network using blockchain technology. Currently valued at $0.019 and with potential for a pullback, BEAMX catches attention as an interesting option for investors exploring the web3 gaming sector.

Interestingly, the expert has invested in BEAMX and plans to stick with it for the long haul, indicating a belief in its lasting value over an extended period.

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