Bad Idea AI (BAD) Surges 20% on GateIO Listing with Shiba Inu Partnership

Bad Idea AI (BAD),

The native token of Shiba Inu’s partner, Bad Idea AI, saw a surge of almost 20% in its price after being listed on GateIO.

GateIO, a CEX, demonstrated support for Bad Idea AI by listing the BAD token. This led to a remarkable surge in BAD’s price. Meanwhile, Bad Idea AI continues to progress with its development efforts.

Bad Idea AI’s Token BAD Surges 20%

Bad Idea AI, a partner of Shiba Inu, gained significant attention in the global crypto community as its native token, BAD, surged nearly 20%. This remarkable price increase is largely attributed to the listing announcement made by the well-known cryptocurrency exchange, GateIO, which has sparked optimism in the token’s market.

Bad Idea AI stands out as an innovator in AI technology, offering solutions that enhance decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). Since partnering with Shiba Inu, a prominent meme-based cryptocurrency, the project has experienced a series of breakthroughs in the cryptocurrency space.

GateIO Listing Boosts BAD Token

Official Announcement and Trading Commencement: According to an official announcement by GateIO, trading for the BAD/USDT pair began at 9:00 AM UTC today. This listing announcement demonstrates the exchange’s commitment to supporting the BAD token, which has resulted in a significant rally in BAD’s price.

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Optimistic Market Effect: GateIO’s listing announcements have previously shown to have a positive impact on tokens. For instance, earlier this month, the commencement of margin trading for Shiba Inu’s BONE token led to a nearly 10% rally in Shibaswap’s BONE price. Today’s surge in the Bad Idea AI token aligns with this pattern. Notably, BAD’s rally coincides with Shiba Inu’s broader uptrend in the market.

Bad Idea AI Token Surges Amid Listing Announcement

Impressive Performance:
As of writing, the Bad Idea AI token has surged by an impressive 18.18% in the past 24 hours, reaching $0.00000006627. This surge is accompanied by a notable increase in trading volume by 69.22% and a market capitalization jump of 17.07%, reflecting bullish sentiment towards the token.

Monumental Listing Stride:
Mr. Lightspeed, the project’s listing manager, emphasized the significance of the listing, describing it as a monumental stride for Bad Idea AI. Additionally, in collaboration with Shiba Inu, the project introduces S.A.R.A.H, an AI chatbot, further solidifying its position within the industry.

Phenomenal Gains for Partner Shiba Inu:
Alongside Bad Idea AI’s surge, its partner Shiba Inu has also noted remarkable gains, as highlighted today by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

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