LUNC Projected to Reach $1 Amid Terra Classic Update


The price of the Terra Classic (LUNC) token has risen notably in recent weeks, driven by important advancements within its ecosystem. This increase coincides with a larger upward trend in the cryptocurrency market.

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A major factor behind LUNC’s positive momentum is the successful launch of the Terra Classic v2.4.2 upgrade. This update brought in new features and components, with the most significant being IBC-Hooks.

Terra Classic Enhancements Drive Growth

The introduction of IBC-Hooks opens doors for decentralized applications (dApps) to join the Terra Classic chain. Notably, the anticipated arrival of prominent dApps like Enterprise DAO holds potential to elevate network engagement and user adoption.

Following the successful implementation of the latest upgrade, the Terra Classic developer team is actively engaged in enhancing the network’s security package. This upgrade, expected to be completed within eight weeks, aims to bolster security, functionality, and interoperability across the Terra Classic network.

The increased development activity within the blockchain ecosystem is recognized as a significant driver behind the recent surge in price for LUNC and its associated stablecoin, USTC.

LUNC Burn Initiative Gains Momentum

The LUNC burn initiative has gained considerable traction, with 105.16 billion tokens burned according to data from Luncmetrics. Leading cryptocurrency exchanges and projects, notably Binance, have actively participated, burning over 50% of the total (over 53.48 billion LUNC tokens).

New ventures and exchanges, such as Singapore-based WEEX, are continuously joining the burn initiative with the goal of reducing the circulating supply of LUNC. Some speculate that LUNC’s recent listing on WEEX could further boost its dominance in the 2024 bull run.

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The number of Terra Classic wallet holders is steadily increasing, surpassing 5.5 million. This rise reflects growing demand during the current bull market, with new users seeking to capitalize on LUNC’s success.

This surge in wallet holders indicates a rising interest in the Terra Classic ecosystem. It may be fueled by ongoing efforts from community developers and projects to enhance utility within the Terra Classic chain.

Strong Growth for LUNC and USTC

Recent Performance: Despite experiencing a minor 2.89% dip in the last 24 hours, LUNC has surged by 25.4% over the past week, reaching its current price of $0.0001597. Similarly, USTC has followed a similar growth trajectory, rising by 18.54% to its current price of $0.02985.

Potential for Rally: LUNC appears to have momentum for a significant rally, with some anticipating a bullish trend. Following a recent positive prediction from Google Gemini, there is speculation that LUNC could potentially reach $1 before the end of 2024.

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