Binance Announces Massive Pegged Token Burn


Binance has unveiled plans for a significant burn of its Binance-pegged tokens, aimed at strengthening the overall token economics.

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Binance, a prominent global cryptocurrency trading platform, has announced a substantial token burn slated for Monday, January 22. This burn will encompass Binance-pegged tokens across different chains. This move aligns with Binance’s historical practice of conducting token burns, often involving dormant Binance-wrapped tokens.

Binance Announces Significant Token Burn Across Chains

In a recent announcement on their platform, Binance disclosed plans for a substantial token burn, stating that their team “will burn a significant amount of Binance-pegged tokens on various chains.” The process involves the release of an equivalent amount of these tokens on their respective native networks, where they initially served as collateral. However, specific details regarding the exact amount of burn or the cryptocurrencies affected remain undisclosed.

Token burns have become a routine practice in the cryptocurrency landscape, commonly employed by platforms and developers to manage token supply. Binance, in particular, focuses on burning inactive tokens as part of its strategy to enhance token economics.

Binance Initiates Significant Pegged Coin Burn: Recap & Updates

On September 14, Binance, through its official X account, unveiled plans for a significant burn of pegged coins. Among the identified tokens slated for destruction, four out of five were Binance USD (BUSD) tokens spanning various blockchains. The exchange’s approach involved burning these pegged tokens on their native blockchains, with an equivalent release of the tokens initially utilized as collateral.

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In the most recent burn, the process mirrors the one initiated in September. The tokens in focus during the September burn included TUSDOLD on the BSC chain and BUSD across MATIC, BNB, BPSC, and TRX chains. This burn followed Binance’s earlier announcement that it would cease BUSD support in 2024 due to regulatory challenges from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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