US Holds 638900 BTC Worth Approximately $27 Billion

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Upon the approval and listing of the spot Bitcoin ETF, it garnered significant global attention, marking a pivotal moment for mainstream adoption.

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Renowned analyst Ali Martinez provided insightful data, revealing that the United States currently holds nearly 638,900 BTC, equivalent to approximately $27 billion in market value.

Impressive Data: Grayscale Dominates Spot Bitcoin ETF Holdings

The recent data reveals an impressive landscape, showcasing Grayscale as the leading holder in spot Bitcoin ETFs, boasting 566,973.4051 BTC as of January 19. Grayscale’s pivotal role in establishing Bitcoin ETFs solidified its position as the second-largest commodity ETF, surpassing Silver in the competitive race.

BlackRock and Fidelity: Key Players in Bitcoin Holdings

BlackRock (iBIT) emerges as the second-largest holder, securing a total of 28,622 BTC in its Bitcoin holdings. Following closely, Fidelity Investments (FBTC) claims the third position with a substantial 20,466 BTC held in custody.

Diverse Holdings Among Other Issuers

Other notable issuers in the space include Bitwise (BITB) with holdings of 8,294 units, Ark/21Shares (ARKB) managing a total of 7,565 BTC, and Invesco/Galaxy (BTCO) maintaining holdings amounting to 1,871 BTC. The diverse distribution of holdings among various issuers highlights the evolving landscape of Bitcoin in the ETF market.

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