Binance Counters UK FUD with Strong Response

Binance Fires Back at UK FUD with a Clear and Concise Twitter Statement

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Binance, the Global Leader in Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Debunks Journalist’s Claim on UK Branch Speculation.

In response to journalist Mike Burgersburg’s Twitter post, accompanied by a photo of a purported building, alleging it as Binance’s UK office, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange swiftly refuted the claim. Binance clarified that the mentioned building is merely a warehouse situated on a side road in a rural town with a population of 10,000. Binance’s response aims to dispel any misconceptions and provide accurate information regarding its UK operations.

Binance dismisses alleged scammer’s tweet as “a new day, a new FUD” and asserts no affiliation with the mentioned company.

Binance Takes Action: Sends Notice to the Company in Question.

Following further investigation, journalist Burgersburg acknowledged his error and deleted the original tweet. In a subsequent post, he admitted the misunderstanding, clarifying that the building in question belonged to a different organization. To ensure accurate information dissemination, Burgersburg included a screenshot of his original tweet and apologized for any confusion caused.

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