French Real Estate Firm Expands Crypto Payment Options

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Apsys Partners with French Fintech Lyzi to Introduce Nationwide Crypto Payments at its Shopping Malls

Real Estate Powerhouse Apsys Teams Up with Fintech Lyzi to Revolutionize Crypto Payments in France and Poland.

Apsys, renowned for its commitment to enhancing customer experiences, has taken a groundbreaking step by introducing innovative payment solutions at its shopping malls in France. Through a strategic partnership with Lyzi, a fintech company specializing in crypto payments, Apsys customers can now conveniently purchase goods and services using cryptocurrency.

Manuel Tessier, Apsys’ Asset Management Director General, expressed his enthusiasm for this pioneering initiative, emphasizing the company’s dedication to driving innovation and reinventing the customer experience.

Apsys Launches Crypto-Powered Gift Cards for Seamless Shopping Experience at its Malls

Apsys, a visionary real estate company, is revolutionizing payment options at its malls by introducing crypto-powered gift cards. Customers can now utilize the Lizy app to purchase Apsys’ gift cards using cryptocurrency, enabling hassle-free payments at Apsys’ shopping destinations. This expansion follows a successful one-year integration of crypto payments at Apsys’ Beaugrenelle department store in Paris. By embracing the benefits of digital currencies, Apsys aims to enhance convenience and provide an exceptional shopping experience for its valued customers.

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Despite the prevailing crypto winter and the subsequent wave of bankruptcies among web3 companies lacking robust capital controls, the adoption of cryptocurrencies has shown remarkable resilience and continued growth. Over the past year, adoption rates have surged, defying the odds and demonstrating the increasing acceptance of digital currencies in various sectors.

In a significant move, fewStones, a prominent media production company based in Singapore, has seamlessly integrated cryptocurrency payments into its platform. Users can now conveniently utilize popular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins to pay for a wide range of services, including animation, video production, and more.

By adopting crypto payments, fewStones aims to enhance user experience, providing a modern and flexible payment option that aligns with the evolving digital landscape.

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