Binance-Gulf Energy Joint Venture Launches Exchange in Thailand


Gulf Binance, the collaboration between Binance and Gulf Energy, has officially started offering complete cryptocurrency exchange services to the public. This announcement was made by the company today.

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Gulf Binance, a partnership between Binance and Gulf Innova in Thailand, has introduced its cryptocurrency exchange services to the wider public in Thailand. This comes after conducting an exclusive test for selected users in November.

Gulf Binance Launches Full Operations of Crypto Exchange in Thailand

Gulf Binance, a collaboration between Binance and Gulf Energy, has officially launched its crypto exchange, Binance TH, allowing Thai users to trade cryptocurrencies with local currency pairings. This move comes after securing licenses from Thailand’s Ministry of Finance in May 2023 and completing an invitation-only phase in November.

Binance TH has integrated its orderbook with Binance Kazakhstan for its crypto brokerage service. CEO Nirun Fuwattananukul highlighted the collaboration with Thai regulators to ensure a secure platform. Binance CEO Richard Teng sees this launch as a strategic step, solidifying Thailand’s role in the global digital finance landscape.

Binance and Gulf Energy’s Joint Venture in Thailand

In 2022, Binance and Thai billionaire Sarath Ratanavadi’s Gulf Energy established a joint venture called Gulf Binance. Now, this collaboration has officially started full-scale crypto exchange operations in Thailand.

Binance emphasized the strategic advantage of teaming up with Gulf Energy, leveraging its extensive network to offer a localized and compliant digital asset trading platform. This tailored platform aims to meet the specific needs of Thai users, providing a seamless and regulatory-compliant experience for crypto trading.

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