Web3 App Development Platform Sort Secures $3.5M Funding for Product Expansion

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Sort, a startup that enables developers to integrate smart contracts into Web3 applications, raised $3.5 million in a funding round. The seed funding was co-led by venture capital firm Lemniscap and The General Partnership.

The startup plans to utilize the funding to grow its team, enhance its product suite, and accelerate the release of “Sort applications,” which provide a complete solution for creating user interfaces for blockchain contracts.

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Despite challenging times for the cryptocurrency industry, developers of Web3 applications showed resilience and continued building within the ecosystem. According to a recent study by Alchemy, a backend company for Web3 developers, there was a significant increase in the installation of Ethereum software development kits (SDK). On average, 1.9 million SDKs were installed per week in the first quarter of this year, marking a 47% growth compared to the previous year. Additionally, there was a remarkable 788% surge in the deployment of wallet SDKs since the first quarter of 2022, reaching an all-time high in the installation of wallet infrastructure.

Sort currently has more than 150 users who are using the platform for free, along with a few paying customers, prior to their official launch. One of their customers, the Chillennials NFT project, utilizes Sort to manage their leaderboard. Co-founder Jason Zucchetto explained via email that Sort simplifies the process of creating websites and front-ends for blockchain applications.

According to Zucchetto, developers begin by providing a contract address and then gain access to a comprehensive set of developer tools offered by Sort. He also mentioned that Sort has a feature on its platform specifically designed to assist React developers in starting the process of building web applications.

Centered JavaScript

React is a free and widely used JavaScript library that developers rely on to build interactive and dynamic web applications.

Zucchetto explained that once the contract is purchased and sponsored on Sort, it becomes freely accessible for anyone to use.

Zucchetto highlighted two significant advantages for developers who use Sort for their contracts. Firstly, Sort serves as the backend, eliminating the need for developers to handle infrastructure and servers themselves. Secondly, developers can promote the use of Sort within their community through platforms like Discord and Twitter, encouraging others to build applications on Sort at no cost when utilizing their contract.

The seed funding round also involved participation from various entities such as Alliance DAO, Punk DAO, Orange DAO, Blizzard Fund, Parasol, Red Rooster Ventures, as well as individual investors from Coinbase, Gemini, and Snyk.

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