Bitcoin Approaches Record Highs Amid Mixed Market Feelings

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Bitcoin is nearing its all-time high levels as March comes to a close. While there’s been a small correction, signs of classic bullish behavior remain strong. However, macroeconomic factors may bring more volatility to risky assets.

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Bitcoin nears its all-time highs as March ends, with a modest pullback from the peak of $74,000, reaching over 17% at one point. Despite some unease, traditional signs of a bullish trend persist, including increased mining difficulties. Beyond Bitcoin, classic economic factors may introduce more volatility to risky investments soon.

Bitcoin Bulls Find Success Over the Weekend

Contrary to previous periods, this weekend has largely been a success story for Bitcoin bulls. According to TradingView data, Bitcoin’s price experienced a gradual climb, closing the week just below $67,200 on central exchanges.

Although this marked a $1,200 decrease compared to the previous week, the BTC/USD pair has managed to recover most of the recent losses since dropping to local lows below $61,000 on March 20th. Currently, a downward gap in the CME futures markets has caught the attention of popular analyst Mark Cullen.

During weekends, upward or downward gaps often serve as a significant price attraction, with the BTC/USD pair frequently filling them within days or even hours as the new trading week commences. Cullen, in a section of his article on X, raised the question of whether the CME gap would be filled within the next 24 hours, providing a chart highlighting the areas he identified as points of interest.

Mixed Opinions Prevail Among Market Participants

Ahead of the Wall Street opening, there is a divergence of opinions regarding the strength of the Bitcoin bull market among investors. Investor JT highlighted several indicators, including the Relative Strength Index (RSI), which indicated overbought conditions in two-week time frames, suggesting a potential reversal of the trend.

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However, investor Alan Tardigrade offered a contrasting viewpoint based on the daily RSI data observed before the weekly close. Tardigrade argued that the metric had broken out of a downtrend that persisted for much of March, presenting a different narrative regarding Bitcoin’s market trajectory.

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