Bitcoin Halving Complete; Viabtc Makes History with Block 840000

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Bitcoin’s fourth halving block was just confirmed, mined by ViaBTC, according to This event slashes the mining reward in half, a measure taken every four years to limit new bitcoin creation and control inflation.

In the halving block, there were 3,050 transactions, and they paid a whopping total of 37.6256 BTC (that’s about $2,401,399) as transaction fees. These high fees show just how busy things are economically and how miners get paid during times when the block rewards are smaller.

Bitcoin Halving Event

Every four years, something called the bitcoin (BTC) reward halving happens. It happened again at 00:09 UTC on Saturday when the 840,000th block was added to the Bitcoin blockchain. This halving means the reward that bitcoin miners get for adding new blocks gets cut in half, by 50%. This happens every 210,000 blocks, following the plan laid out by Bitcoin’s mysterious creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, when the blockchain started in 2009.

Even though the block has been confirmed, there’s still a small chance of something called a chain reorganization. This is rare and happens when two miners find a block at the same time, which could lead to what’s called a blockchain fork. This chance is a bit higher now because there’s a lot of competition among miners trying to get the first block after the halving.

Advancements in Bitcoin Technology and Role of Mining Rewards

The excitement surrounding the halving has been further fueled by recent technological innovations like “Ordinals” and “Runes.” These tools enable the embedding of small bitcoin units with metadata or the implementation of more efficient token generation techniques on the Bitcoin blockchain. With these advancements, miners now have the capability to include images or other types of data directly within Bitcoin blocks, introducing a new layer of uniqueness and value to the mined blocks.

The mining reward acts as a crucial incentive for entities contributing computing power to safeguard the Bitcoin network. Upon successfully adding a new block to the blockchain, the miner receives this reward, which remains constant until the subsequent halving event slashes it by half. This system was devised by Satoshi Nakamoto, the enigmatic creator of the cryptocurrency, to regulate the issuance of bitcoins and maintain the network’s security and integrity.

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