Satoshi Nakamoto Announces New Version of Bitcoin Core Software: What’s in the Update?

Satoshi Nakamoto

New Bitcoin Core Software Update Released: What’s Changed?

  • New Bitcoin Core Software Now Available for Download.
  • Bitcoin Core 25.0 Update: New Features, Bug Fixes, and Performance Enhancements.

The latest update, Bitcoin Core 25.0, brings a new feature that allows the acceptance of larger non-witness transactions (65 bytes and above) using a mempool and relay policy. This change aims to enhance the existing protection measures against a vulnerability identified in 2017. Additionally, it enables the support of various use cases by leveraging the advantages of smaller transaction sizes.

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Bitcoin Core is a free software project led by a community of developers who work together to maintain the decentralization of BTC. The software is designed to determine which blockchain contains legitimate transactions and only accepts transactions for that particular blockchain. It provides a strong emphasis on security, privacy, and stability, ensuring a reliable and secure environment for Bitcoin transactions.

Bitcoin Core is both the name of the software that powers the BTC network and the group responsible for maintaining and improving the software.

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