Bitget invests $10M in Web3.0 youth-oriented innovation

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Bitget, a platform that allows trading in derivatives, has started a new project called Blockchain4Youth to assist young talent.

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Bitget, a platform for trading financial derivatives, has started a new initiative called Blockchain4Youth to help support young talent. They are doing this as part of their corporate social responsibility and will dedicate up to $10 million to make it happen. The goal of this project is to encourage younger people to get involved with using blockchain technology.

Bitget aims to empower and inspire younger generations to use Web3 and crypto tools to create and engage in a decentralized space, creating a blockchain future, according to the firm.

Bitget has always been a strong supporter of mainstream crypto adoption. The exchange believes that a blockchain-based future can lead to better services and products and promote crypto adoption. The launch of Blockchain4Youth aligns with Bitget’s mission and objectives.

Bitget Survey Reveals Younger Generation’s High Interest in Cryptocurrencies.

Bitget recently shared results from a survey revealing that younger generations, including Millennials and Gen Z, are interested in using cryptocurrencies in the future.

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Bitget conducted research for almost seven months, involving 255,000 people from about 26 countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. The respondents were categorized into four groups based on their age: Millennials, Gen X-ers, Gen Z, and Baby Boomers.

The survey showed that many Millennials and Gen Z already own digital assets and are interested in cryptocurrencies. Bitget plans to hand over the responsibility of promoting crypto to the younger generation through Blockchain4Youth.

Gracy Chen, the Managing Director of Bitget, has said in a statement that the exchange wants to educate young people about blockchain and Web3 technology to ensure a future where everyone is connected to the blockchain. She added that Bitget plans to use its global influence to launch meaningful projects that will empower the younger generation.

Binance, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, has been expanding its Web3.0 ecosystem through various inclusion strategies, such as its recent expansion into Japan. Binance acquired a Japanese crypto firm called Sakura Exchange Bitcoin Co. (SEBC) last year, and plans to start operating in Japan in June.

TinyTap, a company that focuses on educational Web3.0 gaming, received $8.5 million to expand and improve their platform. Bitget’s new initiative complements this effort.