FLUUS Token Presale to Launch on FantomStarter Launchpad, Says FLUUS

FLUUS, a company that facilitates cryptocurrency payments, plans to launch a presale of its $FLUUS token on the FantomStarter Launchpad. The presale will offer a discounted price to investors who buy from May 2 to May 23, with the option to whitelist until May 17. After May 24, the $FLUUS token will be available for trading on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

FLUUS is creating a way for users to convert fiat currency to cryptocurrency and back again. This system, called an on- and off-ramp, will allow users to access Web3 services like token swapping and staking. FLUUS has developed a top-quality payment system that aims to make it simpler for new users to join and leave the crypto market.

The FLUUS payment network has a pre-mined utility token called $FLUUS, with a maximum quantity of 1 billion tokens. The token has several uses, such as reducing fees for developers who use FLUUS in their decentralized services and serving as collateral to protect consumers from fraud or disputes. Retail customers can also earn $FLUUS by contributing funds to liquidity pools or by staking $FLUUS tokens. Holders of $FLUUS will have voting rights as it will be the primary governance token of the FLUUS DAO, which controls the project.

FantomStarter is a popular platform that allows investors to participate early in promising cryptocurrency projects and Web3 businesses based on the Fantom blockchain. By contributing funds to featured initiatives on the platform, investors can gain early access to the projects’ native tokens before they are available to the public. Early investors in the $FLUUS staking program will have the opportunity to earn higher rewards.

More than 27 companies, such as Chirpley and Wingswap, have conducted successful token presales on the FantomStarter platform. FLUUS expects strong demand for its native token, $FLUUS, as it begins its presale on the platform after the FantomStarter token presale exceeded the necessary quorum of one million votes in just two days. FLUUS also had a successful initial presale for AllianceBlock on Fundrs in March, during which all tokens were purchased in under three hours.

FLUUS has two main products: FLUUS Auth, which allows developers to easily integrate Web3 onboarding into their applications, and FLUUS Pay, which is a crypto ramping service developed with the help of fintech operators and money transfer networks, which is regulated and compliant.

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FLUUS will use the funds generated from the presale to speed up the development of its products and make its cryptocurrency-to-fiat on- and off-ramping platform available to a wider global audience.