BitMEX Releases Hong Kong App

BitMEX has launched a special app called BitMEX Hong Kong specifically for users in Hong Kong who follow the Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) regulations.

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BitMEX has officially introduced BitMEX Hong Kong, a specialized service designed to comply with the upcoming regulations for Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASP) in Hong Kong. This new service will be implemented by the end of May 2023.

BitMEX has launched a new service specifically for users in Hong Kong.

Starting from May 29, 2023, existing BitMEX users who are based in Hong Kong will no longer be able to access the services provided by HDR Global Trading Limited through the current website or API connections.

To ensure a smooth transition, users in Hong Kong will be transferred to HDR BMEX Limited, a related entity based in Hong Kong. From the specified date, they will only receive service through the BitMEX Hong Kong mobile app, which can be downloaded.

The BitMEX Hong Kong app offers a wide range of features that give users control over their portfolios. Users can easily and quickly buy and sell cryptocurrencies using 11 trading pairs. Additionally, they can securely purchase cryptocurrencies using more than 30 different currencies.

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Any pending orders, incomplete quotations, or conversion requests will be canceled at 13:00 HKT on May 29, 2023. The remaining account balance will be transferred to BitMEX Hong Kong accounts without any deductions or fees.

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BitMEX users should be aware of the following information:

Verified users from Hong Kong will not need to go through additional verification or KYC checks. However, starting from May 29, 2023, the current trading platform will not accept new users from Hong Kong. Instead, individuals from Hong Kong can open an account exclusively through the BitMEX Hong Kong mobile app.

The BitMEX Hong Kong app makes portfolio management easy, providing real-time updates on wallet balances, transaction history, deposits, withdrawals, and watchlists.

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