Bloomberg Expert: Bitcoin ETF Approval Very Likely at 95%

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James Seyffart, a knowledgeable analyst, confidently states that there’s a strong 95% likelihood of the Bitcoin Spot ETF gaining approval on January 10. According to his insights, the chances seem quite favorable for this significant event in the cryptocurrency world.

Excitement is building up for the potential approval of a Bitcoin ETF, especially since the SEC has started accepting forms from exchanges and issuers. With the ETFs appearing close to getting the green light, experts are expressing confidence, believing there’s very little chance of the SEC rejecting applications in the upcoming business week. It seems like a positive outcome is on the horizon, and optimism is high among those in the know.

Anticipation Surrounding Bitcoin ETF Approval Grows Amidst SEC Progress

As key players successfully navigate the final steps in the SEC’s approval process for the ETF race, excitement is palpable leading up to January 10, the potential decision day. Despite some experts cautioning against a potential ‘sell-the-news’ event, citing recent market reactions in altcoins like Cardano, Avalanche, and Ethereum experiencing up to 12% drops, Bloomberg analyst James Seyffart remains optimistic.

Seyffart, who initially predicted a 90% chance of Bitcoin Spot ETF approval by January, now asserts increased odds at 95%. This shift signals growing confidence that the proposals are less likely to face further delays this time around. Investors and market watchers eagerly await the SEC’s decision as the landscape for Bitcoin ETF approval continues to evolve.

But, if the SEC chooses to delay its decision once more, James Seyffart outlined a scenario of what might unfold.

Bloomberg Analyst on Bitcoin ETF Rejection Ramifications

The Bloomberg analyst, James Seyffart, has outlined critical scenarios that could unfold if the Bitcoin ETF faces rejection next week. With a growing interest among younger investors, particularly from Gen Z, the SEC’s denial might expose them to significant challenges. This goes beyond demographics and extends to potential legal challenges, creating a storm of criticism and backlash against the commission.

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Seyffart further suggests that in the event of rejection, the Biden administration might intervene, despite its current stance on crypto regulation. Such intervention could introduce additional obstacles for the regulator, potentially making it more difficult to impede the progress of the Bitcoin ETF scheduled for next week.

As the SEC’s decision day approaches on January 10, market participants are on the edge of their seats. The regulator’s verdict has the potential to shape the trajectory of the market for the first half of the year, adding an extra layer of anticipation and significance to the upcoming announcement.

Important: Please note that this article is only meant to provide information and should not be taken as legal, tax, investment, financial, or any other type of advice.


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