BTC Price Forecast: 100 Days to Bitcoin Halving

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The Bitcoin Halving is a major moment in crypto history linked to an increase in BTC prices and, in turn, a surge in altcoin values.

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With widespread expectations of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) granting approvals for the spot Bitcoin ETF, the approaching date of the Bitcoin Halving is gaining attention. Historically, the Halving event has resulted in notably higher returns for Bitcoin’s price post-event compared to the period leading up to it.

Bitcoin Halving Impact on Price Trends and Supply Dynamics

Examining the BTC price patterns around previous Bitcoin Halving events reveals compelling trends. The period from 2012 to 2016 witnessed a staggering 5187% rise in BTC price, while the subsequent four years post the 2016 halving saw nearly a 3000% surge in the cryptocurrency’s value. Similarly, after the 2020 halving event, the leading cryptocurrency reached its all-time high of $69,000 a year later. This underscores the Halving’s role as a significant driver for fund inflow into the crypto market, sparking price rallies for both Bitcoin and altcoins.

The Bitcoin Halving, occurring every four years, aims to reduce the maximum supply of BTC. In technical terms, it involves halving block rewards to miners. After the 2020 event, the reward dropped from 1,250 units to 625 units. The upcoming Halving event will further reduce the reward to 3,125 units, influencing the supply dynamics of the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Price Predictions and ETF Approval Speculations

As per insights from analyst CrediBULL Crypto on X platform, Bitcoin’s price is poised for an upward surge if it successfully surpasses the $45,500 level in anticipation of the spot Bitcoin ETF approval before the January 10, 2024 deadline. Conversely, the analyst suggests the possibility of another dip, projecting a range around $38,000 to $40,000 if the mentioned level is not breached, as indicated in a post from the account.

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Simultaneously, emerging reports indicate that the Bitcoin ETF might be open for trading as soon as the following business day after receiving approval. This development adds an additional layer of anticipation and potential volatility to the market, contingent upon the outcome of the ETF approval process.

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