BNB Chain’s Greenfield Mainnet Goes Live

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The BNB Chain community-driven blockchain ecosystem has unveiled its Greenfield Mainnet to the public.

Greenfield is essentially a decentralized data storage network that seamlessly connects with BNB Smart Chain (BSC). It handles user rights, the creation of storage buckets, and the removal of files to revolutionize how people manage their data.

BNB Greenfield serves as a blockchain that focuses on storage and collaborates with a network of storage providers (SPs).

BNB Chain’s Greenfield goes above and beyond when it comes to upload and download speed, thanks to its innovative SP architecture. This technology turbocharges how quickly you can upload and download data.

Users can upload their data and set specific access and usage rules before storage providers (SPs) take that data off-chain. They also ensure redundancy and backups for safety.

The blockchain is cross-chain programmable, meaning BNB Chain users can craft their data-related products and services. They can even set up data marketplaces where they freely create, list, trade, and sell data.

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During testing, the network handled more than 200,000 on-chain transactions and connected with 150,000 unique wallet addresses.

Greenfield offers a range of uses, catering to users, developers, data managers, business owners, and creators:

1. Decentralized Hosting of AI Datasets: Secure hosting for websites and applications with benefits like resistance to censorship and improved security.

2. Knowledge Economy Platform: A “pay for knowledge” platform that integrates with smart contracts for content creation and access.

3. IP Infrastructure for Content: Blockchain-based infrastructure for tracking, licensing, and remixing content openly.

4. Data Management Solutions: Secure storage for personal data, code, and AI datasets, with decentralized sharing and control.

5. Content Monetization Ecosystem: Facilitating decentralized social networking, blogging, and more for content creators and projects.

BNB Chain’s Senior Solution Architect, Arnaud Bauer, highlighted that BNB Greenfield is a game-changer in Web3 data ownership and the data economy. It offers users a decentralized alternative to traditional cloud services. Unlike centralized options, BNB Greenfield puts users in charge of their data, reducing the chances of data breaches and losses.

During the Greenfield Testnet phase and a recent BNB Chain Hackathon, they witnessed various innovative decentralized apps (dApps) that demonstrated how decentralized file storage can put the user first and offer exciting possibilities.

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