Brave Browser Introduces NFT-Gated Video Calls for Web3 Users

Brave Browser’s Brave Talk video service now lets hosts use NFTs and POAPS to control access to calls. The web3-integrated browser is embracing NFTs by introducing token-gated video calls as part of its user experience.


Brave Browser has enhanced its Brave Talk video service by introducing a new tool that enables hosts to utilize NFTs and POAPS for call access management. According to Brave, this feature can be utilized by NFT projects to facilitate communication among token holders.

The video calls are accessible to all Brave Talk users who have a premium subscription, using any browser with any Web3 wallet. However, currently, the feature is only compatible with NFTs based on the Ethereum blockchain.

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According to a tweet from the company, in the future, hosts will have the ability to provide access based on specific token balances or past ownership of a token. They can also send cryptocurrency to participants as a means of granting access.

Hosts can utilize NFTs to customize avatars, assign moderator permissions, and perform other functions. When combined with Brave’s built-in Brave Wallet, these tools create a fully integrated Web3 live event platform, bringing together the browser, wallet, and video capabilities, as mentioned in the company’s blog post.

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The privacy-focused browser and search engine, Brave, now has over 50 million active users every month. In February, the company added support for Solana decentralized applications (dapps) on both the iOS and Android versions of Brave.

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