KuCoin Campus Survey: Majority of Participants Interested in Blockchain Careers


KuCoin, a top crypto exchange, conducted a survey on blockchain education and careers through its KuCoin Campus initiative. With over 1900 respondents, the survey revealed strong interest in learning and pursuing blockchain careers.

This highlights the potential for industry partnerships and career guidance to tap into a promising talent pool and meet the demand for jobs and professional growth in the blockchain sector.

Blockchain Careers Spark Enthusiasm Among 88% of KuCoin Survey Respondents

KuCoin’s recent survey on blockchain education and careers reveals a remarkable 88% of participants expressing eagerness to pursue careers in the blockchain industry. This overwhelming response underscores a widespread recognition of blockchain’s transformative potential, with 75% of respondents indicating a “very high” interest in the blockchain sphere.

The survey also sheds light on the experience levels within the blockchain community, with 65% of respondents boasting engagement in the industry for at least a year. Notably, 15% of participants have accumulated over three years of experience, showcasing a diverse mix of both newcomers and seasoned professionals.

Engagement preferences among respondents showcase the diverse approaches to entering the blockchain space. While 49% favor investment as a means of learning, 39% prefer utilizing blockchain services and applications. Additionally, formal education and community involvement are also valued entry points, indicating a broad spectrum of avenues for individuals to explore blockchain opportunities.

KuCoin Survey Highlights Key Areas of Interest in Blockchain Technology

Fascination with Blockchain’s Financial Potential: The survey reveals that 51% of participants are captivated by blockchain’s potential to reshape finance and its promise of high profitability. This underscores a strong interest in leveraging blockchain technology for financial gain and innovation.

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Focus on Practical Applications: Investing and trading, along with the pursuit of passive income, emerge as top areas of interest among respondents, with 51% and 49% respectively. Moreover, there is a notable curiosity surrounding AI integration, digital assets, and cross-border payment solutions, reflecting a desire to explore blockchain’s practical applications.

Insights for Diverse Stakeholders: The survey findings provide valuable insights for a diverse audience, including investors, organizations, and individuals involved in or aspiring to enter the blockchain industry. These insights enable stakeholders to better understand the evolving interests and needs within the blockchain ecosystem.

Strategic Educational Alignment: KuCoin’s initiative to conduct this survey represents a strategic move to align its educational efforts with the evolving landscape of the blockchain industry. By gaining a deeper understanding of participant interests and preferences, KuCoin can tailor its educational initiatives to better serve the blockchain community.  Please read the full report here.

Introducing KuCoin Campus: Bridging Education and Blockchain Globally

KuCoin Campus Overview:

KuCoin Campus fosters blockchain education globally through offline events at schools and colleges. It complements KuCoin Learn, our online platform, extending education beyond digital spaces.

Our aim is to engage students and educators, sparking discussions on blockchain’s impact. By organizing events at educational institutions, we illuminate the evolving landscape of digital finance.

KuCoin Campus empowers students and educators with blockchain knowledge and resources. We provide educational materials, connect them with industry experts, and deepen their understanding of digital finance concepts.

By bridging education and blockchain, KuCoin Campus contributes to a brighter future. We inspire the next generation, fostering innovation and driving positive change in the digital economy.

Important: Please note that this article is only meant to provide information and should not be taken as legal, tax, investment, financial, or any other type of advice.


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